The Update: Weekend of August 2

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Is this episode of the Update, Herman defends Overboard again (ugh), gum sales across the globe are down and we all know why, Travis binged #BlackAF and patronized a few black owned restaurants while falling off the healthy eating train and the pod is Facebook Official.

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Travis Brown

Herman Watson

Tim McCoy

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Oh, Wayne’s world, huh? But I’m a dickhead for, like, an overboard Continue Wayne’s world totally different. How is it? First of all, Michael Myers is way different. And Goldie home, Who’s made more money? I don’t give a damn Max like Myers the back way not to cash the black weighing about money. The black way is only about money. Row, please. We’re back with another episode of black in the middle, middle class, middle of the map A podcast by three friends who seem to always find themselves stuck in between black culture and what America.

If you’re a believer, genuine conversations could be a first step to closing a divide. And you’re in the right place. The medal with us. Let’s go. I think a day, man. Week 1st 1st week of August. Yeah. We back? Yeah. Yeah, I was recording because I was doing the whole Wayne’s World three. You You started talking shit. Well, yeah, because Goldie Hahn versus Michael Myers. You keep bringing up overboard. I don’t You’re supposed to push that. He brought it. I think you’re going with poor. You know what?

I’m not gonna talk about overboard any longer. any overboard lovers out there? A man. We had a couple a couple responses. You got its, um, Harmon, you, Goldie Hahn and her Children, Oliver and Kate Hind by me and now waits where it was good that that was a funny That was a good movie. Great movie. Me. How there any black people in it but is very funny. I don’t remember one, not a single one. How does that make you guys feel? I see no type of way.


Either one. You’re all you loved it. I haven’t seen it in a long time. And you know, I didn’t start looking for black people in movies until I was conscious about the lack of black people in movies. Right, You know, because you’re not born with with that observation skill. But I got Bt Lucky. Wait a minute. And being that it was a derivative of Saturday Night Live, I wasn’t experience any black person. Besides, maybe Chris Rock make an appearance in there. Oh, that’s funny. Yeah, and I’ll know we get on that, but it’s a new week.

It’s a new day. So new don and let’s just I mean, let’s just go. You know, Go back to last week. Had you guys fare in this mist of this pandemic and hot summer, you’re stuck with me. OK, well, you know, I didn’t do much. Ah, housecleaning working and then spending a lot of time thinking about the future. Thinking about the long term impact on industry from covet after reading an article where, like to win gum sales had dropped with people not going into the office and meeting face to face.

And it got me thinking about other things, like we’ve only 2000 miles on on a car in the past six months, and I like you should be grateful I am. But I’m like, I mean, first of all of the savings. But then also, when I’m looking to buy a car in whenever, like do all these cars might have, you know, like less net 14,000 miles. Plus, um, I mean, that’s that’s the best car you can buy is one that comes off a lease for, you know, three year lease and has been treated writes almost brand new.

The depreciation has dropped off, and yeah, it has less miles was expense a lot Les miles, so you can buy. Like, you know, you could buy an older model car like Well, to say, in two years, you can buy something that’s a few years old with, like, so Are you Are you both new car buyers know? Traditionally? Absolutely. Yeah, he my bad choices. I didn’t grow up that way. I just lost my way, way that conversation and I’m back. Okay. Welcome back. Yeah, I’m not. I’d buy used cars traditionally, ones that are probably fresh off police and those air the decisions I make because new car loses value as soon as you drive it off a lot.

So, yeah, Tim’s paying a premium for those miles that I’m waiting for him to come out that way. Like I knew, too. May it is good, isn’t it? Well, if you buy if you buy brand new, then yeah, you’re an idiot. But leasing is a little bit different. Leasing is different, but yes, because I like a brand new car, is only knew for about eight months because, like, they start marketing right than they, they put it out. And it’s like, Yeah, By the time you bought this year’s model, it was last year’s, right?

I think we talked about this before? We just in case we didn’t I rocket to the wheels, fall off so 100% that car it with 36,000 miles on it is fine for me because I’m about to get another 200,000 off of 36. Yeah, my Acura got to 12. And I’m like, man, no problems. Yeah, none. Yeah, except for they seize now. And you had, like, four problems. And when they weren’t there were major problems, though. One of them, I thought, was finding that I thought it was a separate. The problem from individual.

It was just a plug. Like they didn’t charge me, like, put some wire back together and that was it. I was like, Dang like it literally has not cost me much to keep that car up. And I have any other remain in that attack, right? Yeah. This is not a plug for accurate, but you should get one. I don’t know. You know, I had an old school in high school and it broke down every week, but I was a Western auto buying a part column of pops him coming over grabbing the, you know, the book.

Trying to figure out where this goes, How do I fix it? And then Oh, it it wasn’t that it was something else. Like, I just I guess I just am over all of that. So I have my old Colorado in, like, the a c stop working. And then the window stopped rolling down, and then this happened, and that happened like I’m done. I can’t. I got kid on the way. Yeah, I got ah, wife. I’m not gonna describe any three characteristics that may have led me to this decision, but from that point on, it was brand new.

Everything just so quick. One of my favorite pastimes was actually working on stuff like on my old First owes mobile cut lists. Without that Manny. And it’s crazy how things have changed cause I’m like they almost built cars in a way that we can’t have the experience with our kids because they covered the engine and plastic and they’re putting batteries in places that air obscure, plain, getting less cars 10 feet in the and I’m like, what has happened? I gotta put it like a lift in the garage, tediously that’s that’s real talk.

And I think about that because those were good times funds, especially. I didn’t live my pop, so he came over, you know, a few times a week now, But I still get that with homeownership times. Something breaks pro daddy. I love not remember those as pleasurable conversations about I I remember him being like, How the hell did you do this or you know, something like that. So I remember changing. He taught me how to change my oil in my very first car, which was an 86 grand dam and then upgraded to a 2000 next car.

And we couldn’t get our hands in there to change the will, Like our hands were literally too big to get up in there. And I remember him being like you just gotta pay somebody take. And from that and it will do. It was game over. I mean, so I don’t do the bare necessities, but I’m not super good at fixing my car. So one thing I do remember that Herman and I both usedto love was washing our car. Still do to this day? Yeah. What? You still wash your car by hand?

Hand washing and wax. Yeah. Yeah, I I used to.  That was years ago. I thought it was something I’ll be able to do with the kids. And then when I realizes I’m so particular now, after years of doing, just give me that exactly like, No, no, because they dropped the spun. Just gonna pick up sand and grit monitor scratched rinos that my money. So I’ve been I’ve been trying to schedule that first car wash with my daughter in my son, but it just hasn’t been working out with our whole house when I like an actual driveway.

But the new house, we will. I’m still gonna I’m gonna still gonna try, Like, maybe it’s partially dirty. I still go ahead and get it cleaned somewhere else. But that’s just fun. You know, you have a son of the water soap and you know, bubbles. And I think the kids, the car might not get clean to my standard, but I think it would be a good experience. I’m on your strategically moving Children away like, All right, We could start together, but you can go back inside. Well, they’ll probably be over in the 1st 2 minutes and you just got home spray like that.

That’s just they can do that, right? Problem? Yeah, except for they spread the wrong time. Like after you’re done Xianming in My Fresh A’s and hit you Oh, man, kids. I love them most of the time. That’s funny. Alright, So did you guys do your homework? I did. I did my homework. I watched Black a F um, and it got an opportunity to catch up with where you all are at and I will tell you that it grew on me. It definitely it took me a couple episodes.

One of my biggest challenge is was growing up the way I grew up, which was watching television and watching strong black parental figures. They’re far from there, far from let’s see, I think that there’s a really awesome, like the New Age printed is Qassem is guy your kids, horrible names, transparency that made the biggest problem that I had personally was. I’m watching these black parental figures be counseled by their kids, and I’m what they need to grow up. I’m like it’s that’s not the way it’s supposed to go.

So that was one thing I had to get over, but yeah, we watched it last week. And so now I mean, I was able to absorb, I got the points. It was more entertaining. I could go. And when Season two comes out, I could sit down and watch it. At first I was like, Man, hell, no. But now it’s like, OK, I kind of see it. I agree with some of the stuff. I understand where they’re coming from. The parental side of it was still a struggle, but, I mean, it’s not meant for me to absorb and think that look at them as strong parental figures and think the best the next.

You know, Cliff and Claire. But instead it’s more for my entertainment value. And I did get some chuckles out of that, exactly. Plus, do we really have to be perfect parents? I kind of appreciate saying apparent that might not be the best. And then it’s like I feel better about my own parody style. I don’t and that’s cool, like you don’t have to be perfect parents, but at the same time, when you have you know 18 and 13 year olds telling you how to parent. I’m like, you know, that it’s just a new It’s a new thing for me to absorb.

So I’m just sitting there like OK, like, why would you even think about doing? But at the same time, you know, it was entertainment, so that’s what I took it as. And it was cool, but was the one message that you cannot that you can remember from that show. One message that I got, um, there was about being supportive of, from a relationship standpoint, being supportive that of your partner, Um, not devaluing, um, their accomplishments or achievements or even where that currently are. Even though, you know, I can kind of see where he’s coming from as the male, but they’re still you still need to be supportive and encouraging from a parental standpoint.

The other message I got was, um, just making sure that you have that dialogue and when such when they bring stuff to your attention that you’re there it available to listen. So that was one thing, because there was sometimes when they ran into each other and you know, these awkward situations, and they were told stuff you got to be prepared to hear things that maybe you’re not wanting to hear. But you got to be able to absorb it and and figure out what’s the best way to navigate where you don’t alienate your child.

And so that was one thing that jumps out. Um, you know, it was funny. I mean, there was things that were humorous. And then there’s some things I’m like. No, a normal person would. Well, yes, that’s what makes that show. Also, because it’s not a normal setting at O that’s that’s really cool, man. I’m glad you I’m glad you took the time and I took the time at your recommendation. And so, um so, yeah, try not to lead people astray on TV, movies or food. Herman. Yeah.

No, I did not watch Drumline. I did look for it. But then I also realized that I have been watching such little TV that I’ve actually been kind of locked out of some of my APS that I watch TV on. So you’re the only person password? Exactly. Only person in the pandemic who has not found all of their Yeah, man, What question? The horrible excuse did you look at B E t. Did you look at watching cable more quickly? So you got on. Did you look at VH one?

Hold on Low. Did you look a TV one? That you could have found it on any of those? This was the problem. Most of my TV watching happens at night in this week until they forget I only had one contact lens, so I had to go to the optometrist. And when it comes the excuses. Do you know how hard watching one night? So I didn’t know Im said I had. Teoh is just one drummer that go. Is it a whole life? They call them CBS because he got one eye open before the same contact prescription.

Since 2000 and 11 my my vision has changed and I don’t take my contacts out this week. I had to take him out and medicine in my eyes because I have been getting oxygen take you as the diet Dr Date. I did. And so this is the thing with that With the eye doctors like I had to I had aware one contact till Friday sub having like, excruciating headaches because I can only have vision. And then I go Friday, and she’s like, Cool. Here’s the other lens that I can finally put into Not have vision, but I can’t order contacts for another, like, three weeks.

And I’m just like, Wow, this is the world that we’re living in, so I have no glasses, but I do not have the vision to watch VH one r b T or whatever. Okay, somebody send this boiling germline, we go find it before. Well, yeah, we got that. I don’t appreciate you coming. How excuse. Making up for 18 years of Miss Drumline opportunity. But oh, man from line. Uh, speaking of black, a f being being black is fuck this week. T bone news. Black Restaurant Week for you is all that.

I was Super black. Start with Black A F last Sunday. Then it was black restaurant week. And so I had the opportunity toe, You know, some frequent, some some great establishments air in the Kansas City metropolitan area. So, um, would you go hit? I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted to do. Was couple places I wanted to get to, but it just the sake of my schedule, the one that I couldn’t. But I did hit my favorite establishment, which was Gates barbecue. So we hit.

We had Gates on the night. That was a beautiful thing. Friend of the show. And also, I hit a spot only something called a crab Kings. I saw hit crab Kings and that was good as well. So it scrapings black. Yeah, it was on the black restaurant week list and is back on you. Like what? You question? Yeah, I didn’t see the black owner. I was sure it was not a black man behind the counter. Is that a franchise? It. That’s what I was thinking. I think there’s more because they’re out of ST Louis of from Yeah, I’ve seen him on the way.

I wasn’t sure if the ownership group was a black. I knew there was one name. How Black owned doesn’t have to be okay. It was on the Black Restaurant League list, which I saw. I already thought it was black own, and then when I was looking for more restaurants to go, try because I wanted to try to make it to like, a peach tree or I want to try to make it to Wings Cafe was anything that was on the West. Sophie’s Lutfi was unless But since I had crab kings are at that community.

So, um, I was looking for him. War things. Casey Dockery shop, you know, shut out the ruby genes that was on there. Um, so I was looking at all kinds of things to go hit, but my schedule just didn’t allow it this week, unfortunately, but I got a couple of those things accomplished, so I’m just constructed out. I’m hit a couple of black establishments over the course of next couple weeks and and get get it in. So one of those is a healthy eating establishment. Every jeans, the rest of them, far from a perpetuating like diabetes.

Yes, but but real talk, though you’ve been on the health cake I have been I have been on the health cake. We’ve been on you and I have been a lot of my sugar. How has it been going for you? Especially with the restaurant week. So I spent most of June in July on a strict, you know, discipline diet. And so it led to £32 being lost. But then, like I don’t think I was putting the right things in my body or the right things for me to succeed.

Because once I started getting off that diet and introducing the things that I love like carbs in Greece, my athletic performance shot up. So one thing I would do what we Yes, yes. So with black restaurant week, of course, you’re looking at a year to make some decisions, right? Because there’s no salads on any of those menus. They all say side right? Yeah. So, um so I was My taste buds were loving it. They were loving it. And, you know, I think the key is that I just got to keep myself being aerobic, But I definitely felt better with Greece and carbs in my life.

So yeah, I’m a stick that seem that’s the whole point of Greece. And carbs is, you know, they’re part of comfort food, but it’s it’s it’s tough. You got to get out of your system and you can’t reintroduce you say, when I started reintroducing it, that’s the that defeats the whole purpose. Well, no, you gotta live. You do have to live. But that’s the whole point. You want longer. I think I think it a healthy. Yeah, You just have to make healthy choices. I mean, more than not, Yeah, I can’t do a seven days a week, but I know, and I’d erotically like, you know, the weekend is is it’s cheat central for me, but I So I used my fitness power to track my food intake.

So any any time I drink, you know, my water jug. I put it in their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It changed the game for me for 22 ways. One, it gets you in the habit of just tracking and being just, ah, you know, more knowledgeable of what you’re putting in your body. And then it also helps you understand how certain foods make you feel or, you know, good or bad. Um, so I would, you know, I would recommend if you’re not using that, I would use that app to track.

The free version gives you your calories, your carbs and all that stuff, and I pay for the premium. Um, so I get the macros, which is, like, the next step tracking your health. So, you know, tracking your fiber and your your protein and your sugars in your cholesterol, which is a horrible thing for me. You a hood dietitian? I Yeah, I just kind of look at him like No, that’s good, eh? So what? That’s not so good, but was awesome. But the app, though, is if you’re cooking, you can just take a picture of the barcode and it pulls in.

All the nutrition facts were you. And it also has restaurant items as well. So you can search, you know, if you’re at lieu fees like movies, you know, fried. You know, Fran fish catfish might be in there cause I probably put it in there before when I started. It’s like, back again, but no. Yeah, that’s that’s been a life, just gets you in the routine. And then, um, you know, when it comes, like working out, you know, I use the Nike training app, and it’s It’s is premium.

The premium is free. So, you know, when it comes with, like, aerobic versus, like, anaerobic, you know, should I lift and I run, man, just just do some hit training like 2030 minutes a day game changer. Tell you a quick question cove it and the food that treating select black restaurant week. But are you also doing like, Are you cooking more at home now that we’re at home? Or are we still ordering food? Cause I’m like That’s also been kind of a challenge? First of all, it’s more costly, but second of all, it’s not cooked as healthy as you could do at home.

So I have not been cooking course. I did not cook much before Kobe either, so I have basically stayed the same. But the reasoning is purely behind my schedule. Like I would love to cook. Yeah, um, also hate dishes eso that goes into the equation. But at the same time, I would love this. I’d love to cook, and I have cooked more when I have the time. Um, so we do even more come home cooked food, But at the same time, it’s like I just don’t have the time.

I go on a week day and so it’s been like, let me just stop through here and grab something real quick and let me grab a salad. So I found salads out of places I didn’t really know had talent or I didn’t go to for a solid. I have have found that and keeps me disciplined. And also I know the calorie intake. So, like, he says, maybe I am kind of counting it so consciously is, But I know that I get this salad that this salad has published their 600 calories in it versus kind of sad.

I’d make it home, which has that chicken cooking, all olive oils and seasoned heavily with salts and stuff like that scan on this. It’s so I probably mood, but how do you truly I mean this per serving. And I can’t really tell you how much Lowry seasoning salt or so down some kind of or U. S. O. I had two things on that one. Do you consider yourself a cook? Like a chef? I can burn. Yes, I can cook. Okay. I did not get this big by barely buying.

All right. Well, if I mean, if you’ve cooked for the majority of her life, then get back to it, man, I am not a chef. I can’t cook in the kitchen. I’m not even allowed in the kitchen Iken grill. But I can’t cook. But wife He has been doing the damn thing since Cove. It That’s also we You know, we I think we ordered out. Like when it first started ordering Now became a thing because, you know, we used to eat out 100 times. Yeah, it is fucking ridiculous.

Uh, but Kobe has been good to us. She’s been on it, you know, we buy groceries two or three times a week and, you know, getting delivered by Wal Mart. But but but yet she’s been, you know, uh, meal prepping mawr. So cooking a bunch of fish, a bunch of chicken. Um, you know, there’s the big saver is the green giant frozen vegetables. So instead of, like putting rice or putting like potatoes or mashed potatoes or something like carbon sugar heavy, they have like, um, cash. What’s it called?

Ah, cauliflower rice. Oh, yeah. Dark colored for our rights with the right seasoning. So you have this season, we take up a sodium a little bit, but it’s gonna be good. It’s It’s awesome, like you can’t You can’t deny it. I cough. I rice and like zucchini spirals and like vegetables, replacing the carbs It’s a game changer. Why are you looking at me like that? Because that’s some real middle A F stuff, right? Yeah. Life hack, bro. It e I have to bring you all of them.

You know, you cool smack it out of your hand. And so the problem about me and cooking is I love my cooking. So Mill prep is not something that works for me. So Yeah, because I will I will cook it and I’ll have some, and I’ll be like, Oh, that’s good. I’m just gonna get a little more right. A little more like fortune. Portion control is the next big thing portion control is the key to the game, So portion control. Oh, nobody can do it both failing it.

Portion control you because then you gotta eat twice as much. Yeah, because you don’t get full right. A man. Um Coco Coco. Cool. Eso? Yeah. The healthy train is has been good for me, Gladys. Good for your Congratulations on that. Well, thank you. It in the big £30 loss. That’s huge. Huge. Um, so was I. Okay. Nice. Just right. So we went live on Facebook? Yeah, we didn’t. We got a Facebook page, got a couple 100 followers real quick. To get that up last week was really good. You know?

I mean, disclaimer. I’m not a facebooker. More of instagram because it’s easier can scroll, like look some pictures and video and just call it a day. Facebook is so complicated when I went back on like the interfaces totally different. There’s so many different things to do and then when you run a Facebook page for a business and yes, my company does for a living, but I don’t have to people way smarter than me to do that. But it’s so complex, like, just figured out how to tag you.

MF er is like in the post. It took me all day. I figured it out. You can’t do it as the brain you to do as an individual, but we got a lot of love last week. The company is hiring. So I posted something on LinkedIn for that and I posted on Facebook and then we got the page live. I made a couple posts there. You guys shared every updated our cover photos. So that way I know you did. Yeah. Did you have the years? Yes. Uh, did Mom before he didn’t get enough?

Oh, did you said always a competition with them about done with this guy. Do is wait. What? Following through with his work on teachers. Like I’m late and I didn’t do it sitting back one contact lens. But we did way were all up in it this week. And we got so much love from a lot of people, you know, from that we’ve known for years just saying how that part has has impacted them from a mental health standpoint from, you know, awoke standpoint and just give him perspective.

So I just think I just think it’s been it’s been pretty awesome. Yeah, no, nothing. A great feedback. Ah, lot of new conversations. A lot of good conversations, like productive conversations. And I think that our podcasts kind of reduces the level of fear that people have when they’re like, Well, I want to learn, but I don’t know what to say. I don’t wanna be offensive. I think that we’ve really helped to, um I don’t know, open up conversations. People that typically might not engaged in that way some good ideas to like people telling us, you know, perspective or how they would chime in on conversations.

And so it’s cool to have the interaction. I love it when people comment on our stuff on Instagram or when they comment on one now our Facebook page about, you know, listening and appreciating it or even directly hitting us up and saying, Hey, talk about this or do that and whatever like this is this is just our passion. It’s something we just like to do. But we don’t claim to be Amish in We just have. You just have perspective. Yeah, and we’re definitely open. Any conversation that needs to be had or people want us to have agreed.

I’m excited for what Facebook holds because it just makes it so much easier to share ideas and content. Now that good stuff Herman was supposed Teoh. Don’t worry. It’ll happen. One always weeks We started Facebook for you because Facebook, you’re supposed to be running this thing. Uh, okay. All right, everybody be on the lookout for next post something sometime in August. Something coming sometime. I found my someone. No, it’s It’s all good. It’s cool to see. Um, it’s, you know as as the following grows, I I’m just gonna keep tabs on the demographics right now.

It’s very light skinned. No, which surprise me. But it is not surprising if that makes sense. Because we grew up in the middle. Are our network is whiter than it is black? Well, I think we’re just now getting out there, too, so it will start to see it. Ah, we’ll start to see it kind of come to the middle. But, you know, I think we’ll have a nice spectrum of, ah way. We are the divide. Yeah, we always just what is what being in the middle means?

100%. And that’s that’s what makes this podcast unique is because some of the shit we’re going to say the, you know, white America is going to be totally on board with it. And black coaches, as you like Boy. What? That Yeah. You mean like overboard and sublime? That’s on. That’s on the unlisted episode. Okay. Oh, that’s funny. And in the other rest of the concept, you know, Black coach is gonna be like, Oh, right. Okay, like yes. You feeling me and white America is gonna be like That’s a bridge too far.

Okay, I can I’m open to that. Yeah, but yeah. So if we can bring that closer great perspective have in there the topics that we talked about For the most part, they, you know, they they bridge the gap right there. Transcendent. But the perspective we give really gives of what it looks like from the middle are middle. And that’s, you know, that’s a perspective that we give. And that’s gonna be our unique, um, you know, a unique brand. So I’m excited to share that, and I’m the other thing I’m excited about is bringing on some special guests.

Yeah, I think it will be interesting to have other people coming here as we’ve I definitely learned a lot from each other, but there is a world outside of ours, and it will be interesting to get people in here and here some other perspectives and have people and get involved in this train that we’re building is picking up some steam. And so that’s pretty cool. I’m excited. The future is definitely bright for black in the middle. 100% cannot wait. So right. Oh, all right. This has been another episode.

This has been another episode of the update; till next time.

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