From the Vault: Music Makes me Lose Control

Oct 15, 2022 | Season 3

It’s all about the music on this week’s pod. The boys take a trip down memory lane and discuss their most influential songs and artist through the different stages of life. We had to reach WAY back into the vault for this previously UNRELEASED episode from Season One.

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Travis Brown

Herman Watson

Tim McCoy

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From the Vault: Music Makes me Lose Control


Tim: Who’s your favorite artist? 

Travis: Jay Z

Herman: Nas


Travis: Me as a child, you know, it was Mike Jack, everything was Michael. But by the time we’re talking like preteen, that’s when I’m starting to get into hip hop. So there was Snoop Dogg. I was big into Snoop. And then there was a Tribe Called Quest and man Tribe Called Quest. Boy, that’s the way it was with joy.

Tim: Which one?

Travis: Electic Relaxation is the one that gets me to this day.


Tim: Alright, preteen. So we move out of that. T you were in Lee’s Summit. I was in Lee’s Summit. And now we’re into high school. Lee’s Summit North was the first. The newest High School in Lee’s Summit, so we didn’t have a senior class. And that was a whole experience all on its own at least my freshman year. You know, not having seniors and playing varsity, you know, Junior Varsity juniors, sophomores, and freshmen playing varsity against these crazy opponents, but I think that helped. That accelerated my maturity and growth.

Herman: I wouldn’t say maturity
just like the songs you’re listening to.

Tim: This guy that was on the football team with me introduced me to two bands. One was 311. And one was sublime. You guys remember sublime? 

Herman: I do.

Travis: I’ve heard of them.

Tim: Dog Sublime is kind of dope. So 311 was cool because my birthday was on is on 311. And so I remember Chad Stout and for some reason, if your birthday was on 311, and you sent in a copy of your birth certificate, you could get a signed autographed photo of 311. Back in the mail. He literally approached me and was like, Yo, I know your birthday is on 311. Can you do this? He’s a junior. I’m a freshman. I’m like, Yeah, of course. I didn’t know who the eff 311 was. Anyway, I did this. And the picture came in and it was signed and I gave it to him. We’re friends for life. But point is, what is the point of that? I don’t even know.

Travis: I’m waiting for the hook.

Herman: Yeah, what’s happened to the hook?

Tim: The hook is I was one of two black kids on the football team. As a freshman, me and DP. And when it came to the hoop, and there was, you know, it was Brandon, dads on varsity. And then David Thompson and me on the freshman team, we were surrounded by all these older white guys, you know, doing their thing and Lee’s Summit, and they influenced us. They influenced the music that I listen to when hip hop influences everything else. But these were the guys who influenced me and going back to Sublime. Sublime was actually kind of a dope group. And I don’t know the history of those guys, but it had some cool tracks. That you probably will remember if you heard them.


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Travis 0:01
We’re back with another episode of Black in the middle, middle class middle of the map, a podcast by three friends who seem to always find themselves stuck in between black culture

Herman 0:11
and white America.

Tim 0:13
If you’re a believer that genuine conversations can be a first step to closing the divide, and you’re in the right place the metal with us. Let’s go if you heard our last episode, more money, more problems factor fiction, you already know what time it is. Let’s go money.

Unknown Speaker 0:46
Dad, I call all the shots. Rock all the rocks.

Tim 0:53
DJ ma see I want a one man Okay, so this is the episode. Music makes me lose control. Let’s go. We’re gonna talk about just music gives a soul to the universe wings to the mind. Flight to the imagination, and life to everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:21
Powerful playdough Oh,

Tim 1:24
my guy. Yeah. Oh, well, I mean, it was a long time ago. His his. His ethnicity? That was probably hidden in the record books. Yes. But um, let’s just, I mean, let’s just kick it off. Like, how influential has music been in your life guys?

Travis 1:39
Huge, Major, colossal music has been a compass in a lot of different ways. It’s been. It’s been something that I’ve always gravitated towards as long as I can remember.

Herman 1:53
Yeah, I don’t know. I love music. I love music. I don’t know if it’s your like, influenced me though. I love I love stories. Yeah, like I love any artist that can tell a good story. I also love artists that are not telling any story at all.

Travis 2:08
Yeah, I just I remember being a kid and I used to love to dance and I used to love the same look like

Herman 2:16
you’ve never seen this do dance in my life. Yeah, I used

Travis 2:19
to love to do it. And you know as I got older, I got cool. And then I thought that I needed

Tim 2:24
you just got to sit on the wall.

Travis 2:27
Can’t be out there. Pop Lock in and whatnot. So yeah,

Tim 2:32
that’s actually funny. So when we lived in Grandview and my mom and her due to the time with Alvin, they sit there like these house parties. Neato. Mom and Daddy have you know the girl folk come over? I’m gonna need you to go to your room. Alright. Grown folk are down here. And one I don’t know cash. The house was first grade. I had like the footie pajamas, right. Like a onesie. Um, first grade in a onesie, toes all coming out. Whatever. I walked downstairs and he was playing some music. I don’t remember the music they were playing. But I know that in 30 minutes. Your boy was in the middle of the living room on the kitchen floor on the kitchen floor. Where were slippery. Dancing breakdancing. They was throwing dollars. I was in the grownups party. He’s way past my bedtime. Man,

Travis 3:35
I was breakdancing tonight he’s I know that who

Herman 3:37
wasn’t? Yeah, right. Dancing was like that’s what you did? Yeah.

Tim 3:42
You know, and he knew it was Oh heads right. So there was probably listening to some you know,

Herman 3:48
Marvin Gaye. There it is.

Tim 3:56
So, this is my first album. Right? Like, you know,

Herman 4:01
I had a record player and my feet are moving right now.

Tim 4:04
I had a record player. I had two albums. I had Michael Jackson thriller Grover sings

Herman 4:18
oh my god bro came up.

Travis 4:23
Let me know control over there.

Tim 4:27
And then salt and pepper. Oh, man. mean this is probably what I was listening to when I was dancing for money.

Travis 4:39
Yeah, it was from Grover to the dog going girl a mine

Herman 4:45
how music has changed. So like I think that that’s what I think about when I think about music is like my life during that time. Like I could remember what album and then that specific part of life yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:06
Like Oh Snap honey

Tim 5:13
1969 Mustang with the blacktop. Oh man it was in the streets at least summit two tins in a bag

Herman 5:23
ridin dirty CD player and pulled over by the breakdown in three months

no push button start. Bro.

Unknown Speaker 5:39
Man What the hell is you looking for? In a young man get back down to the floor. Really doing man

Herman 5:54
All right listeners we’re gonna listen to the entire sauce.

Tim 5:58
Man. I was murdered. He did. He named me pity

Herman 6:03
is an example of him and in his car. Yeah.

Tim 6:07
All right. So, you know, music kind of does make me lose control. I mean, coming from a culture that created hip hop. For me personally, like in my profession, at least I’ll just start there like somebody’s day to day or like I spend more time my job and doing my family, right. I have to get the right playlist. Every morning, the right song going, whether it’s in my headphones or on my computer, to get me in the right frame of mind. For whatever I’m doing, if it’s creative, if it’s administrative, if I got to prepare for 19 Zoom calls, like it’s all about the playlists and the preparation. Do y’all agree?

Travis 6:56
I totally agree. Music is definitely something that molded your focus. And I use it as such. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:06

Herman 7:08
I have no managers. Yeah. I can’t think of anything I do without listen to music. Yeah.

Tim 7:16
I mean, you know, so going to school of fam 15 hours away 1518 hours away. Sophomore year was took me 18 hours by the senior, I was making like 15 hours driving through Mississippi and, you know, I, gosh, all the playlists, like go through my mind, like those road trips, like from fabulous to Kanye eight, old school. You know, it’s just like, it’s such a part of all my memories, like, music is a good way to like, relive your memories. So I think that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. Right? We’re gonna kind of take everybody back and experience what it was like growing up black in the middle. And the music that affected us and impacted us one way or another. Yeah. So before we play some more hot hot jams. When did you first of all, this guy

Travis 8:25
with the brown shirt? When did you first fall in love with hip hop?

Tim 8:30
Thank you Devo. Ask yourself the question.

Travis 8:35
Man, I I’ve been a music lover my whole life. It’s been something that’s big. And I said the r&b Foundation. Because that’s what my parents listened to and they mold you and then I got started transitioning into hip hop. I would say probably around the early late 80s, early 90s. So probably around 9091

Tim 8:56
Right. And so we talked about this previously right like you got like the middle aged Yeah, Pops. I got the young pop. So I was listening to our Kelly and Eric being Rakim and Ben Herman has so we’re the number one

Travis 9:11

Herman 9:18
Stop it y’all grow. Oh man. Hey, look, man, my dad love Whitney Houston. Earth Wind Fire. Jazz

Travis 9:28
like your dad set you down on Father’s Day and correct.

Herman 9:32
Oh, man, I listened to you last episode. Yeah. Oh, man. I heard you.

Tim 9:39
I love you. But I mean, alright, so we’re talking about like, like i Who’s Who’s your favorite artists like

Travis 9:47
Jay Z young hope.

Tim 9:50
everybody already knew that. Herman I’m gonna

Herman 9:53
say nice.

Travis 9:56
Yeah, it was better than either,

Herman 9:59
man. Don’t there he’ll just stop it. That’s funny. Yeah. Okay, so it was and I love Jay Z but he lost, but it’s fine. Yeah, he won in life of acquiring assets. Please talk about

Tim 10:11
battles. I mean, think about versus John ruins where they are today. Yeah,

Herman 10:19

Travis 10:20
Yes. John ruins what doing? He’s doing parties and living room.

Tim 10:28
It’s crazy what a battle would do to you. Yeah. But like preteens, right? So I mean what is preteen this like 11 days

Travis 10:37
before you’re 12 before you’re 12 I guess 10

Tim 10:40
What grade is C? I don’t do ages. I do grades.

Herman 10:44
Like like four to 13 is like seventh grade. Yeah.

Travis 10:47
So I for

Tim 10:48
high so Elementary, elementary, almost Middle School. Okay. So what are you guys listening to

Herman 10:54
write whatever anybody was playing? I know for me, right? Yeah, can’t blow stands out. Okay, but you know, also like all the stuff like my cousins would leave it at the house. You know, some like, oh, there it is. That was that was it? Yeah.

Tim 11:14
I’m pretty sure. I recorded that. On the high eight. Oh, yeah. I fell asleep recording on the high at date on my cassette, and then played it and I had like

Herman 11:28
laughter preteen but it’s still man, I must have listened to this 100,000 times.

Tim 11:33
It was cut. Like, they identify like a different rap style, especially in the Midwest. Oh, you heard none like this that just flowed and just had that. You know that groove?

Herman 11:44
Yep. First time I heard somebody use dashiki.

Tim 11:51
As low Black Widow

Travis 11:54
lyricism, though, yeah, yeah. Me as a child, you know, it was my jack, everything was Michael. But by the time we’re talking like preteen, that’s when I’m starting to get into hip hop. So there was Snoop Dogg. I was big into snoop. And then there was a Tribe Called Quest and man Tribe Called Quest. Boy, that’s the way it was with joy. Electric relaxation was the one that was the that’s that’s the one that gets me to this day. So that’s the one I Oh,

Tim 12:29
everybody knows that. Oh, yeah. You know, Snoop. I wasn’t allowed to listen to snoop. I mean, this is a free teens. Right. So I wasn’t buying anything. I’d have my own discretionary income. Yep. So

Herman 12:44
you know, those 100,000 cousins in the city? You know,

Tim 12:48
I heard snoop on the weekend. During the summer.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
Oh, man. Yeah.

Tim 12:55
But you know, I probably wouldn’t even appreciate it this thing you know,

Herman 13:00
I was gonna say where we really listening to music back when

Tim 13:05
I was riding big wheels and playing on you know, basketball on

Herman 13:09
background same goes the background soundtrack of life

Travis 13:13
this song taught me to not discriminate. I like him brown yellow Puerto Rican

Herman 13:19
It’s a song about equality.

Tim 13:20
Yes. He said a Haitian Yeah, I think so. They were all pretty much black. what’s it really about?

Travis 13:29
Asian for the longest?

Tim 13:33
That’s, I mean, that’s about the show. Classic tribe about quest. Alright, so other preteen guys, I’m trying to think like, I mean routine Yeah. So I mentioned our Kelly and

Herman 13:49
and yeah, why did that change? Yeah.

Travis 13:52
That was well play album was in heavy rotation in the household. For else brown household was yeah, it was we were all on board.

Herman 14:01
Don’t go don’t actually it’s interesting. So like, there was a lot of a lot of innuendos or how we didn’t know right, but we didn’t know who was listening to know. All right. So since we’re all parents, do you ever think about that with your kids? Listening to you, bro,

Tim 14:15
I gotta pull up. I gotta pull up ever hurt. 11

Travis 14:16
year old sing Versace on the floor

Unknown Speaker 14:19
right dude.

Tim 14:22
Okay, this was unplanned But alright, so gosh, what was that? So I remember leaving Bannister mall

Herman 14:38
Yeah, made it safe.

Tim 14:40
Right. And there was like there was like a couple of music stores and banners from Sam Goody Sam goody. Oh, so Sam Goody you would go into SAM Goody right and have like Odyssey these around the outer edges

Herman 14:54

Tim 14:57
You fill in me right now. So bye But there’s these little arrows a little boxes that crates like WalMart where they have like the $2 $3 DVDs, it Sam goody. They had like the dollar singles. And like, this was like my Introduction to Music and like, you know how my play or whatever. So I was like $1 I get a whole album for $1 I didn’t know they were singles, right? Because I was a preteen with $1 Well, Mom was shopping around, I would pick something out. And it was dollar $99 So cool. You can get that. So I bought a Bell Biv DeVoe album, perfect track, right. Yeah. And it was on the radio and um, and you know, I’m like, Oh, cool. This is what I want. It’s only $1.99 Mom. And so she she bought it for me. And we have in the car in the Nissan Pulsar. Blue headed back to Lee’s Summit from Bannister Mall. And I’m singing this song word for word. And I promise you I didn’t really understand what I was doing to my mom until I had kids

I’m seeing this Yes, and I had no idea what I was saying. We just we just jam and jam and I finally get to sit in the front seat. And I’m just like take a look at me.

Travis 16:38
She got she looking?

Herman 16:41
What the hell is wrong with you?

Travis 16:42
I see myself singing some shit he is supposed to be singing.

Tim 16:46
And now as a as a father I can only imagine. Like, kiss me in real life. Like on repeat it was a single breath. So I will pop it over again, because it was a 20 minute drive to the crib.

Travis 17:09
20 minutes of baby

Tim 17:16
song Yeah, when he goes in

Herman 17:18
rolling it out. My favorite part man? Oh my god. Yeah. Amen. Know

Tim 17:25
that. The Snagit and flitter, Robert Das. Yes, that was my favorite. Everybody’s favorite part. I’m 11 years old.

Travis 17:38
No idea what I was saying.

Tim 17:39
They had no idea. No idea was and I’m pretty sure my mom at one point was like, Do you know what you’re saying? I’m like, Yeah,

Herman 17:46
but it’s because like you brought like, I brought with my kids now and we listened to just the radio man. And it’s not feel like it has gotten worse. But I’m like, it probably hasn’t gotten any worse. But I’m like, I listen to what my daughter’s saying. I’m what what the hell did you she’s like, what? You can’t ever say that ever in life. She’s

Unknown Speaker 18:02
like, I’m just following with and then I’m like, you’re saying

Herman 18:05
Jesus? How is this? How is this? Okay to play on the radio.

Unknown Speaker 18:11
I’ve been playing it for years, man. Just didn’t know.

Tim 18:15
Man preteen.

Travis 18:16
So one thing was somebody singing in verses when the wrapping it? Is it? Oh, well, it just sounds different. I just there’s What do you mean? I mean, like when someone singing something is like, you enumerate the melody when they’re rapping you’re like, it’s choppy. It just sounds more vulgar. A little more cutthroat. Yeah, it sounds I mean, there’s no difference really, but just when it sounds, I mean, the sound of it is when it’s in harmony. Sounds a little smoother.

Herman 18:42
Yeah. This I love music this I just got sad. My daughter’s

Tim 18:49
Alright, so So preteen. So we move out of that. So let’s see T rally Summit. Really, some of you are going to rockers. I was in the summit. And then now we’re into high school. Lee’s Summit north the first that the newest High School in the summit, so we didn’t have a senior class. And that was that was a whole experience all on its own at least my freshman year. You know, not having seniors and playing varsity and just, you know, Junior Varsity juniors, sophomores and freshmen playing varsity against like these crazy opponents, but like it I think that helped. That accelerated my maturity or growth, I wouldn’t say maturity

Herman 19:35
just like the songs you’re listening to.

Tim 19:39
But I you know, I do remember, like, for me, being a freshman, right, not having a car, living, you know, not being able to take the bus to like two days or like, you know, trying to make the varsity team. Like, I relied on neighbors and You know, my friend’s parents and stuff, like get me to like practice and stuff like that. And there was one guy who used to take me to school or take me to practice. Every day. He didn’t know me. But we were in the same, you know, same neighborhood. And he was, he was, it was a white dude. It was a partner moved to like, I think he’s a linebacker and then like, he became punter. And he was like, a safety or whatever. Anyway, long story short, he was not good is. But there was a position for him always, which is a whole nother topic about Yes. Lee’s Summit, football and sports. But anyway, he introduced me to to two bands. One was 311. And one was sublime. You guys remember sublime? I do.

Travis 20:52
I’ve heard him.

Tim 20:56
That’s Obama’s kind of dope. So 311 was cool, because my birthday was on is on 311. And so I remember Chad stout he like he, for some reason, if your birthday was on 311, and you sent in a copy of your birth certificate, you could get a signed autographed photo of 311. Back in the mail. He literally approached me and was like, Yo, I know your birthday is on 311. Can you do this? He’s a junior. I’m a freshman. I’m like, Yeah, of course. I didn’t know what the f 311 was. Anyway, I did this. And the picture came in and it was signed and blah, blah. I gave it to him. We’re friends for life. But point is, what is the point of that? I don’t even know. But I’m waiting for the hook. Yeah, what’s happened to the hook is I was one of two black kids on the football team. As a freshman, me and dp. And when it came to the hoop, and there was, you know, it was Brandon, dads on varsity. And then me and David Thompson. On the freshman team, we were surrounded by all these older white guys, you know, doing their thing and Lee’s Summit and they, they influenced us. They influenced the music that I listen to when hip hop influences everything else. But these were the guys who influenced me and going back to Sublime. Sublime was actually kind of a dope group. And I don’t know the history of those guys, but it has some cool, some cool tracks. That you probably will remember if you

Herman 22:44
do you even need party and Lee’s Summit ever

Tim 22:46
any party? Yeah, like 15 car ride? Dogs. That’s what it was every day to practice. He would rock sublime the whole album. There and Back question.

Travis 22:58
What was our record that year?

Tim 23:03
Rest will be Owens x the first year?

Travis 23:08
Yeah, technically, because I think yeah, yeah, but I

Tim 23:12
did score the first offensive, rushing touchdown, and it leaves me with history. gratulations Yeah. I mean, we lost the game. 47 to seven, seven. Hey, hey, it’s all good. Yeah, anyway, so bomb is a cool group, man. And like they, you know, we just we connected over like, I started learning the words. And we started like, you know, semi rapping and, you know, on a way to practice and I bonded with the upperclassmen, like Rob has been the he’s the guy who handed me the ball for my touchdown. You know, I’m saying and he’s, you know, he’s older white guy. And, you know, we cool now, but I don’t know, that’s, that’s my story. For my early high school years.

Herman 23:55
I was gonna say, it’s interesting, because I’m, like, you know, that was like, the first major snapshot into culture. So like, you, you know, can understand a lot of a lot of culture through music. And like, I you know, we had I had never listened to alternative before North got there. And yeah, I’m not gonna know what it was, ya know, all of the stories. I mean, so many different types of bands and groups. And, you know, it wasn’t, it was necessarily something I love, like,

Travis 24:20
oh, so different for me because my white friends had more rap music. And they were like, you know, parents were asked

Tim 24:30
because they can tell their parents anything.

Travis 24:33
My dad was a human brain. Yes, just kidding.

Tim 24:38
But Herman you I mean, you liked the alternative, though. Hey,

Herman 24:41
I Yeah. What was yours? No doubt don’t speak grin. And I don’t know Hey, man, it was I don’t know if he was just so different at the time. was blessed to find he ended up being like,

Tim 24:55
a mash up. I don’t know. I don’t know the history. She’s the lead singer.

Herman 24:59
You know? Remember this video on MTV? No,

Tim 25:02
I wasn’t. I wasn’t BT dude, man.

Herman 25:05
Well, I was BT two obviously but I’m like y’all never watched him he was like heavier in college man. No,

Tim 25:12
no man I was I had the box and Colin BT was that deal

Travis 25:17
growing? Yeah video so planet groove

Unknown Speaker 25:21
bruh Is this your song because I man it’s

Tim 25:27
good to drop is it gonna drop?

Unknown Speaker 25:29

Herman 25:37
whatever man I like I still like it now fight for the battle.

Tim 25:44
So good.

Herman 25:45
Hey man, look, look

Tim 25:48
is Herman xantham man go crush some data. Yeah. A little no doubt in his books when he’s feeling down on himself. And he doesn’t know what to do.

Travis 26:02
He gets in a fight with Carly’s speak.

Herman 26:06
I just turn this on everybody shuts up.

Tim 26:09
Because I have no doubt.

Herman 26:12
First of all, they were huge. And yeah, she’s huge now. And it was just really different at the time was the first song that was like altered like the given is I listened to all rap. All of it. Everybody knows me knows that.

Travis 26:26
Amen. You should be confident in your blackness. Qualifying listen to no doubt. No, I have no doubt about you. Thank you.

Tim 26:38
But what’s funny, though, is growing up in the middle. You have no, no, but all right. All right. So let’s let’s continue the, the so I talked about this all the time, like I find myself only listening to to Black Male Artist. Yeah. Do you? Do you see that? Like, like, it’s, it’s very rare that I will listen to an entire album by a female. No, I

Travis 27:10
listen to females. I listen to female singers and female rappers sometimes. Yeah. All the time. Not all the more fit 50 not 5050 6040 No, not 7030

Tim 27:21
Yeah, like 5% That’s what I’m saying.

Travis 27:26
I’m open to it, though. Why?

Tim 27:28
I’m open to it. But I just I noticed I just gravitate towards male black rappers. Even me why? I mean, you know Eminem. Eminem.

Herman 27:40
Well, I think it would be but I guess it would be odd to like if you’re if you listen to music, singing the words like it’d be odd to shout out, ladies. Yeah, nothing something wrong with it wouldn’t like if that’s not what you’re feeling like,

Tim 27:53
right? It’s just weird, but yeah, but it’s not saying that I don’t like music produced by

Herman 28:00
Fox. Foxy Brown came on Foxy Brown was killing it.

Travis 28:03
Foxy Brown was killing it. I have the V member of the beehive man. I like Beyonce. Yeah, she like I’ve ever

Herman 28:13
purchased a Beyonce album.

Tim 28:16
Did you put your money where? Yes, I

Travis 28:17
did. When I first saw Beyonce at the age of 16. It was it was love at first sight.

Herman 28:23
What? Destiny’s Child you bought a Destiny’s Child CD.

Tim 28:27
You mess up my whole playlist. I was going somewhere else with that. I can’t even help but no, no. I was gonna play some Elena’s more settings where I was going because stepsister bro, my stepsister. She lived with us for like a year or two. And her room was right next to mine and she blasted Elena’s more set nonstop to where I had no choice but to know every word

Travis 28:52
or am I glad I dropped a bomb on this ship. I like Beyonce. I like Beyonce. I like Missy. I like old school Little Kim Fox.

Tim 29:06
I mean, you gotta say old school Missy too. I mean, like, Yeah, but

Travis 29:09
miss his music is different. That’s on a different level. You know? Her hits are like crazy. Like she has. She has a beast of a catalogue and Mrs. Doe and then rage. You know, Foxy Brown cousin? She’s uh yeah, I’m out like you’re in a woman saying and like if you wouldn’t go back to like the r&b actually got to be singing. She can be rapping too, you know, I the savage remix.

Tim 29:36
Alright, well. If we kept track of how many female artists and male artists that we’re tracking, I guarantee it’s gonna be more heavily weighted male. You ain’t lying about that. Yeah. So I’m not going to play any Elena’s more set.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Because I’m not ready for

Herman 29:58
this one. We listen to it and look If you’re not going to play it on the way home

Tim 30:02
alright, so it’d be like house party

Travis 30:04

Tim 30:06
Alright, so we’re in so we left preteens we’re in high school right? So I played my you know, I got introduced by the white boys to some 311 and some some sublime. And then that’s because literally I was on varsity with one other black person and I don’t know why that happened because that was a way better football player than I was but he was on the freshman team. Then we just kick him into dating again and why are we gonna hear this on Tuesday? But but the point is I was that’s that’s who I was surrounded by. You know what I’m saying? So that was the music that I was listening to at least for the for the most part obviously not I wasn’t buying the CDs from the bandits are more complex but let’s move up later in high school years. Like what was what was poppin off?

Herman 31:02
Yeah, nice if I ruled the world right. The whole album The whole album is that is a dope album it is possibly the best album ever created in the history of mankind but go ahead up and

Tim 31:20
see music just got that it’s just like

Herman 31:25
I will be listening to this on the way home

Tim 31:26
right take me

Unknown Speaker 31:32
imagine smoking weed in the street without cops arrested a magical when it’s caught when no traffic lights that proves a blue Bahama Ward is no welfare support as more clouds run away from the cities is shorter nights a colder feeling like life is over the snakes strike like the Cobra turning evidently

Tim 31:51
going eventually

Herman 31:52
funny how relevant that still is today. Also funny how more conscious of the way we raise our daughters. That was like one of the biggest thing on my world,

Tim 32:00
bro. Every time I hear that. Yes, yes. Yeah, the answer is yes. Their responses. So it’s like our present Yes. music

Herman 32:10
influenced us because also listen to a lot of music with a lot of killing and horrible things and never participated in any of those. But when I think about, you know, the like music like that, that it’s just like, man hit the way that Nas could tell the story. That whole album is a story.

Tim 32:25
I mean, that’s an inspirational track. Yeah. Like, it doesn’t get any better than that. Travis is a dope. So in his eyes.

Travis 32:34
No, no, no, no, that is one of my favorite songs and NAS. I mean, I like NAS. I mean, obviously I’m more partial to the other side of the beef, but not when they’re friends. It’s all good. But uh, no, that’s a dope song. And I agree. But music is very influential, I think. And for me when I think about high school, I had so many transitions, but you know, I started out my high school years, you know, wanting to be LL Cool. J so your lips in front of he was the symbol of coolness. And so ladies love cool James is who I tried to be so I used to walk around with

Tim 33:09
every black guy in the suburbs was trying to be LM. So

Travis 33:13
you know, I have my pant leg rolled up yes,

Tim 33:17
that that is one that was our downfall Carmex that toy dog era when dads would never like move his his hand from his face. Yeah, in every

Herman 33:32
shot guy gets your boys man. Yeah, so

Tim 33:36
cute is black guy. Yeah. So for me 99

Travis 33:40
For me LL Cool J was big and then about 96 ish. Then I got into Biggie and whole bad boy. So I was like heavy into that. And then by then I transitioned out of that for like 9697 and somewhere in like 98 Here comes DMX. And I was heavy with DMX and but the thing that I remember most from high school was my no limit area my no limit and I remember being at the Thanks Andy will give any credit fifth quarter parties with my with my friends you know two of which are sitting right here next to me and us when make them say oh, we’re cooking and how like the whole gym would just move in so we make them say oh, man, and that song comes on? Yes.

Tim 34:32
Yeah All right. So seven black

Travis 34:34
people at the party.

Herman 34:36
Like I think something’s gonna happen

Travis 34:39
oh my god. Clear the scene. Yeah, man.

Tim 34:46
We’re gone somebody in just one second guys.

Travis 34:52
No Limit studios. What is it? I guess rapper photo P Oh my god the fucking day we had the big bang

Herman 35:37
man just reminds me when I lived in New Orleans, I ran through all in places scared as shit.

Travis 35:45
That was my favorite part of the party because, you know, we would just all get together and start pushing and shoving each other around. And that’s real camaraderie is

Tim 35:56
I mean that that year so okay. And I’m doing a lot of storage, but it is what it is. That’s what we do here. 9098 I got accepted this program. This is cool is a lot of stores, you know, get accepted his program called LEED. And it was essentially a program for minorities to spend 30 days at a a top rated business school.

Travis 36:28
Did you guys know this? Is that when you went to Penn? Yeah, yeah, I remember. So I went to Penn.

Tim 36:33
Number one business school in the world. I mean, it’s one of the top obviously family credit. And, and does he got accepted to Michigan. So we applied to this through some programs through the school. He went to Michigan for 30 days. I went to Philly for 30 days. And this was like this was my first culture shock. We talked about culture shocks, right? Man, I was in this program. And we spent, you know, we lived on campus and UPenn in Philly. And this was this the summer before my senior year. So I am most concerned about my senior year of football and being recruited to go play at a D one school get scholarships. That was my number one concern, right. But this was the exact opposite of that. I missed a miss summer camp, and 30 days of training. So when I was there, I was running I actually ran down to the to the museum to the stairs were Rocky’s has his statue or whatever, Rocky Balboa. And like I did that, like I ran from the campus and I like kept up and shaved my friend, a couple other guys who were playing sports. And we were like, you know, like, workout together and all this. And, like, it was, it was it was just, this was my, this was my first. The first time I saw that there were other blacks in the middle who were just as smart. First off, they were way smarter than me. I’m just gonna put that out there. They were smarter. They came from well off families. And they knew what they wanted in life. Like they weren’t first generation college, right. Grads or whatever. I mean, like one of the like, one of the girls who was there, Lauren, like, her pops played in the NFL and he was a lawyer and he has a he has a you know, whatever. Like it. I was I was surrounded by the elite. Yeah. And it was an amazing experience. Long story short, I’m in Philly. I’m in my room. My roommate. His name is really Anderson. He’s, he’s from he’s from Queens, New York. First time I ever met anybody from New York. And we, I brought my music. I brought a mace album. And I’m like, you know, I’m listening. Amaze, you know, me some better. Right? And I was just like, Yo, yeah, listen to this. And he’s like, he pulls out DMX. I’m like, no, no, this is and this is like junior year before we all started listening to it, right. So I had never heard DMX before. He’s like, Yo, I’m from Queens. Us and it is. And so we swapped album so to this day, like I have his BMX album. He has my mace album. And bro I fell in love guys like it like opened my whole world. Yeah,

Herman 39:38
yeah. Roughrider anthem man

Travis 39:39
well DMX that I was on heavy rotation in my 86 grand Damn. Had that tape.

Herman 39:46
Oh man.

Tim 39:47
Ah, what was your What was your favorite song from his original?

Travis 39:53
Oh, I think is from is dark and Allah taught. Ash if so me Any of them I like the snakes the rats the cats yeah

Herman 40:03
oh it was that was Marilyn Manson

Tim 40:05
yeah I think that was later that work yeah he

Herman 40:11
later it was dope song though

Travis 40:13
that I mean out the whole thing just cuz shit chips were mine

Tim 40:32
pretty sure they said

Travis 40:37
some new stop draw shut them down open up first we had them like like why Bay

Herman 40:54
like the life anthem man like Fe

Unknown Speaker 40:59
MC is one a trap but

Tim 41:07
I’m gonna maintain with that shit on my brain even DMX is speaking in baggage,

Herman 41:16
right? That’s the whole story

Tim 41:19
right we did it.

Herman 41:20
It’s so like it’s crazy when you listen like when you listen to him like literally we like folks have been talking about the same shit

Tim 41:29
ever. We could do an episode on just puck videos and interviews. Yeah he’s talked about everything that we’re going through and you know some people say it’s you know, it’s election cycle or whatever No, it’s yeah, it’s someone we’ve been saying it for a long time. But anyway going back to my UPN story you know, it was M DMX and me mace he’s all up here. Amy you so indicative landscape for the wind shout out to Willie and a boy with the ice boys

Unknown Speaker 42:26
Little do they know Rohan now What the hell is you looking for? In a young man good money the more that my pants sag down to the floor. Really doing matters long as a school can’t my call look better than your you can eyeball Babbage without no flaws come to see me without know.

Tim 42:54
Obviously mace impacted my life quite a bit in the preteen and teen era. And let’s fast forward to I mean, there was a lot in high school. Oh my I’d be I can’t look

Herman 43:07
we will finish this episode next month,

Tim 43:10
wouldn’t you? Do you have any other ones you wanted to pop off? Before we move to college years?

Herman 43:16
Oh man, we haven’t got to college.

Travis 43:19
College. Now we can fast.

Tim 43:21
I mean, we ello Biggie badboy DMS like pop. Alright, so POC and Biggie. Both got killed in our high school years. Yeah. And, and Machiavelli got I mean, I could play 100 songs. Yeah, I’m not a DJ. But I could play 100 songs from Park 50 from biggie.

Travis 43:41
Yeah, Biggie definitely had two albums. And those are classics.

Tim 43:47
I don’t think a lot of people understand that. Yeah. To our two albums long he’s living exactly in I mean, ready to die was was a work of art. Yes. But the the double album life after dead my gosh, I remember man. We would go down to Colombia for basketball camp for like a few days or whatever. And we would ride out we play it through the doors and man we got in so much trouble, but that that was the anthem. Yeah, man. Oh, yeah. And it was like it wasn’t like Pog versus biggie for us in the in the middle. Like we love them both. Yeah, there was no so that’s that you know, I think that’s kind of interest that

Herman 44:28
was back when we were trying to be relevant as a Midwestern city.

Travis 44:31
Yeah, honestly had to come remember what it felt like

Herman 44:35
whenever whenever masterpiece a Kansas City in a song. Do you remember what that felt? Like?

Travis 44:40
I remember him saying from Missouri to Ohio plays we don’t care and it was

Herman 44:45
funny because he was saying they literally don’t care what we’re doing.

Travis 44:51
He probably meant St. Louis

Tim 44:54
wasn’t they still play in the background All right. All right. So college so me and her we went to college in 99 fam, Central Missouri State see MSU now you see him you see him same thing. Yeah, that’s a weird transition but we’ll bring on the culture shock, right? Yeah.

Herman 45:27
Well for you culture shock for me, same old, same old but that was actually the first time that people were like, Oh, the first black person I met like some people from my very small three year yeah. Like you’re the first black like what the hell because like, Oh, you’re

Tim 45:41
the first light skinned person I’ve met Oh, man. I so what song really resonated for you and your college experience?

Herman 45:55

Tim 45:56
I mean, I mean, in the late 90s, early 2000s It was like it was 50 Kanye came out the gates

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Yeah 50 chairs I remember yeah, that’s all y’all

Herman 46:11
remember back now. I mean college well college those four years for me were a lot because like I was like that was also the first time that CD burners were affordable. So oh my god. Yes, man. So like, that’s when I really got deep into music because I was really

Tim 46:24
doing it. So I that freshman year, there’s no more Napster. So freshman year, I came home. And I went to Herman’s house on the lake, and he had a CD burn the HP desktop with the CD burner on the top. And I’ve been pressing that computer out for a while and I just couldn’t afford it. But Herm had it going he had to stack 100 I brought I brought my stack of 100 Blank DVRs Yeah, and I remember we spent the day on the lake and just record I would go back up upstairs in the office or whatever. And just record track was

Herman 47:03
a sad time for music man. Like because like, everywhere, right? Like everybody was

Tim 47:09
just was the sad though. It was good. Like,

Herman 47:12
for artists. Like yeah, it was like trade right? Or,

Tim 47:16
but when I was out, but what I what I was able to do was take the tracks that you guys were recording and keeping track of and you had on your PC up in the Midwest, I throw him on a blank CD. I took them down south and I wrapped it hard. Yeah, all the Nelly all the chinky all the jquan all the TEC nine. Like I read the Midwest hard

Herman 47:43
and the tech things that were happening during that time with transfer Music Man,

Tim 47:47
that was great. I mean, Napster Limewire changed the

Travis 47:51
game. It really changed the game. It made way for streaming,

Herman 47:55
and also a lot of internet security with all the viruses that were

Travis 48:00
that you can help them out with right now. Exactly.

Tim 48:05
That’s so funny. All right. So which songs resonated with you guys? So last time,

Travis 48:13
I would say late assay High School. That’s when I started getting into Jay Z and but it really took off.

Tim 48:20
Amen. We in college, bro. I know you was in high school that Yeah, but

Travis 48:23
took off. It took off.

Herman 48:26
Oh, hold up. Hold on. Do you remember

Tim 48:31
when Fitty came out the blogs? What is two albums? Right? We came out

Herman 48:35
with a bulletproof vest.

Travis 48:36
And I was like, Oh, little known fact is I actually did security for 50. He came to a show in Springfield when I was in college. Yes, I was front and center in front of the stage and he was performing. He rips off his bulletproof vest hits me in the back of the head. And I’ve turned my head back and look at my Hey, I don’t care who you are. But you really kept on performance.

Tim 49:04
My girlfriend at the time, she loved 52 Poor I was like

Herman 49:11
to the point that you came back from the landing with a bulletproof vest.

Tim 49:18
I mean, but in Florida, like like, you know, I mean, it was all black everything. Yeah. And 50 got it in. Like he came he came out, you know, concerts and all that stuff. I mean, he was hot. He was high.

Travis 49:32
He came he came to Springfield. Other people I got a chance to meet was I got a chance to meet Nellie. I actually spoke to Nellie.

Tim 49:40
How so? Ya know what, what are you sorry, man? No, Haley was the

Herman 49:46
ALA here. Here’s the deal with a man turn that down real quick, because there’s a very serious issue that happened in Lee’s Summit in the summer of 2001. And my issue with Nellie and that was that you could not pull up to any stoplight the summer Country grammar came out was out listening. Every lady listening to that. Oh my, I mean, I couldn’t listen to Nellie after that point. Like literally you couldn’t go anywhere in the city. At least without hearing it off. Turn it off. I’m leaving.

Travis 50:22
St. Louis people made this damn.

Tim 50:24
Okay, so I hear all right. Here’s the difference between my experience and yours. So I’m in Florida, right? So we you guys battled? Yes. With St. Louis. Right addled? It’s,

Travis 50:37
you had unity, I’m guessing.

Tim 50:39
Well, we found unity through Nalli. Because because, you know why, like Casey and St. Louis. We just don’t get along. We don’t. But we’re both in foreign territory. We had a we had a we had a Missouri State club or whatever. Sure. And, you know, I found myself the only one from Casey, B and McLean. And everybody else was from St. Louis. And we didn’t really have anybody to fall back on Tec nine wasn’t doing with Eminem at the time it looked but

Herman 51:15
here it was on campus. This versus angelic and I don’t even know I mean, it’s a Tec nine zone it was just odd

Travis 51:26
because we would we would bang with them or you know it was it would not

Tim 51:31
they look down upon us let’s

Herman 51:34
say do coasts kind of mentality but

Tim 51:37
they also had a private school whole thing going on with their whole you know,

Travis 51:42
but sports we would be we would be in parties whether I was at his school or mine and you would hear a one six being yelled On three one for like it was just don’t

Herman 51:54
like that only matter to us. Yes.

Tim 51:57
So I mean, you can’t talk about her so that they do area codes in Florida they also do counties I think we talked about this county is day Kenny Duvall is Leon it’s all of them in the area codes. When luda dropped that I mean that was in college right yeah, it was area codes. Everybody was looking at waiting for theirs to be popped off.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
And actually he

Tim 52:24
said he wouldn’t say extinction Thank you Luca for keeping us alive.

Travis 52:30
So college Jay Z big that was my introduction into ti to

Herman 52:35
listen to like I just gotta say miracle. Just gonna put that out there continue

Travis 52:40
TI TI was big in college. And then little wine, the wine that’s when he started to pop off with you know, the first of the quarters. So he did Yeah, and that was that was that was a major move there so but he took Springfield by storm. But you know 50 was 50 was obviously the biggest one he hit in 2000 late 2002 and 2003 that literally has been nothing that hit the scene like that ever and his whole album from start to finish road

Unknown Speaker 53:12

Tim 53:14
I mean gosh, yeah to two or three albums right?

Herman 53:20
He had to have a look he had a mixtape oh

Tim 53:22
yeah trip and

Travis 53:24
so he had a good album and then he had the G Unit album if that’s what you’re talking about. Now what are you talking about? 50 Because I was thinking a second was the Valentine’s Day Massacre and that was hot garbage.

Tim 53:35
What do you trash bro?

Travis 53:38

Tim 53:42
I’m talking about you said the massacre was trash

Travis 53:45
the Valentine’s Day Massacre

Tim 53:47
just it’s called the massacres get Richard diatribes is first one and then the massacre the massacre.

Travis 53:51
Yeah. And then came out on Valentine’s Day. Anyway, it has maybe Tuesday two good songs three maybe? Yeah, I do feel like it’s a massive disappointment compared to what he had before. Yeah.

Tim 54:01
Oh, okay. I’m sorry. I was so amazing the first time and I didn’t live up to it okay. Yes, he should. Whatever man I was $14 trip and

Herman 54:13
for Sam Goody words still 20 Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:16
Agree to disagree

Travis 54:19
51 good album several decent singles afterwards. You talking about the candy shop? Yes, that is not that is not good. Yeah,

Herman 54:28
that that did not slap the candy

Travis 54:31

Tim 54:35
Tell me that b Don’t bang

Herman 54:38
the beat the beat is fine.

Travis 54:40
The beat this boss

Tim 54:46
are you kidding me? This ship bangs Yeah,

Herman 54:58
amen. Hold up Oh man, this is this was so different. Listen to that. I mean, like,

Tim 55:04
I’m not listening to right now I’m listening to it as a college student as a junior that was

Herman 55:09
when we were probably still weren’t listening to

Travis 55:11
real comfortable right now. comfortable with it.

Tim 55:17

Travis 55:17
I get it’s Bob,

Tim 55:19
he brought you some gummy worms.

Travis 55:23
I would kill it, but I don’t want to think about it.

Herman 55:26
Oh man.

Tim 55:28
So I can’t believe he just does the candy shop.

Travis 55:31
I’m guessing 50 is 50s first was the arguably one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. And then he comes with that. And I’m like brah i What are we doing here that

Tim 55:44
I say earlier? Agree to disagree?

Travis 55:46
You just need more information.

Tim 55:50
Please enlighten me sir. We’re in college. I we talked about college. You know, there’s another song that was that kind of pulled me. In college again. We talked about the whole culture shock of going to a HBCU from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. And gosh, who was it we talked about earlier? Sorry, I’m drawing a blank guys. Tallahassee natives. Oh. And these guys, press did Perez. Dad pres like I didn’t even know they were from Tallahassee. But when I came across this song, I mean they got a few songs. And you know it’s my not be appropriate for our younger listeners. Like it’s a PG 13 No warning, earmuffs. But But man, this is when I started like feeling the vibe. This was like the the most def I live quality vibe. I think I was interning in, in Queens. Actually. When I started getting to like this type of music you know like the soul conscious

Unknown Speaker 57:14
mindset we got to take off yeah, we could burn just chat we lost the golf operation for we make love let’s have a good conversation

Travis 57:32
reflects the views of all like in the minimal

Tim 57:36
is not black in the middle. This is

Herman 57:40
like in the middle of

Tim 57:43
it. But Nah, man, you know, a different influences based on your experiences right?

Herman 57:48
out of college get smarter, conscious rap, you know, makes more sense. But I think

Travis 57:53
the 2000s was a hotbed for that type of rap. And it definitely I was definitely into it as well. You start as we were starting to mature that rap was making sense. And I think as you have your identity, it’s something I could identify with a lot more. Yeah. Because you know about that time when you’re going to college, you’re not worried about, you know, shooting and shooting people and drug dealing and stuff. It just, it’s not as cool anymore.

Herman 58:18
I was in my lyrics

Tim 58:20
where you were, but as a person,

Herman 58:23
not even close.

Travis 58:25
I started gravitating to things that were more applicable. Like everything about Doug Dylan and I mean, I didn’t like it, but it’s not applicable anymore. And now I’m like listening to lyrics and I’m like, okay, you know, this more identifies with what I’m,

Herman 58:44
but I still I still think that rap about dope, Dylan. Dope, all of the horrible things

Tim 58:52
about entrepreneurship.

Herman 58:53
Let’s have a conversation. Conversation about hey, look, I’m like, Man that is in like the fact that that has been its own thing for forever. Like, you have to do that to get ahead and I don’t it’s something that it just it always I don’t know, man. Just industry for you though. Oh, brah I know that if you’re out here really? You know, killing people. You

Travis 59:15
ain’t that many dope dealers. It’s not like Dylan dope. Is your gateway in a rap?

Herman 59:19
No, man. I’m just saying like the whole I mean sold drugs

Tim 59:23
check. If you listen to music, though, you would think so.

Travis 59:28
So I wrote a song about it.

Herman 59:31

Tim 59:32
Like the here here we go. All right. Cars over. Yeah, man.

Travis 59:38
Now this is episode four.

Tim 59:42
We have 54 minutes. We didn’t even hit young adult yet. Man I saw too

Travis 59:52
hard to know. If that.

Tim 59:55
I mean, this the we error. Me All right

Travis 1:00:01
it was major Drake

Herman 1:00:07
man this this this song being in sales bro

Tim 1:00:14
just awesome Shin that

Herman 1:00:16
literally every day jeans

Tim 1:00:20
got some fraud blocker on a website I got you

Herman 1:00:26
bots attacking your ad campaign

Travis 1:00:28
was turned Herman into the Wolf of Wall Street

Herman 1:00:32

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36
I’m looking like star oh my god I’m gonna be 100% brand

Tim 1:00:46
Dear Miss the no effect on me

Herman 1:00:49
man I made my son listen to this just two weeks ago it was edited But

Tim 1:00:54
Carter two Yeah, I don’t think I was in Louisiana at this point. Yeah you’re probably

Travis 1:00:59
the Carter one is as fine album as you’re gonna find. Yeah, I feel it was Yeah. It went down like a little bit like each one but Carter when that came out

Herman 1:01:12
Yeah, the quarter was ridiculous. This is a ridiculous level.

Tim 1:01:15
No, now I’m listening to it. I’m gonna I’m gonna keep

Herman 1:01:18
this fire man. First of all the fact that

Tim 1:01:21
I hurt sorry. So that was that was the that was you know mainstream. Yeah, right this this is

Herman 1:01:25
an emotional was saying that because I also had my son listen to that. Well, this isn’t

Tim 1:01:29
a mainstream song though. Like this never played anywhere except for in your song or whatever listening to before I’m getting no no, no, no, no. No, nobody wants to know that. That’s a whole nother Pandora’s box. But

Travis 1:01:44
adulthood, you know, you get into adulthood. Of course I’m still writing Jay because you know he got over 25 years in the game, but

Tim 1:01:52
Okay, so we don’t have any J’s give it up what you want. What what song from Jay Z makes him so damn special?

Herman 1:02:02
Oh, you’d have to go to his first album like real talk.

Tim 1:02:05
We talked about we talking about? We’re not talking about can knock elementary school we talking about? Can’t Knock

Travis 1:02:11
the Hustle.

Herman 1:02:12
But tell you everything that sometimes later on in life like I probably listened to Jay Z’s first album more after college. Then when it actually came out true

Tim 1:02:21
you had to go back to go back I totally agree with that but

Herman 1:02:25
and I went back and I was like shit them him and Mobb Deep

Travis 1:02:30
Mobb Deep Yeah, so but but I like wait, there’s a record you know, at this time. I think there’s a record that encompasses everything from that era which had Jay Z ti Little Wayne and Kanye and it’s called Swagger like us like that was that was off T eyes album and that was a record that I will listen to like whether it was going into the office whether it was going to the club like that was mood music and there’s nothing like mob and what your click

Tim 1:03:10
every time he came on,

Herman 1:03:12
everybody walks low was at

Travis 1:03:15
get out the Grande lawn

Tim 1:03:19
or envy or whatever club

Travis 1:03:25
for the greatest rappers alive on one track

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
Mr West is in the field and swagger on 100,000 trails. And you’ll wonder why get it first? I’m Christopher Columbus. Yeah, just a few bros. Face given the way he began to question or miss pastel. I passed the dress. My attitude is Tetsu that means permanent. So what gets dressed in my swag is Mick Jagger every time I breathe on the track asthma attack way so man way get ahead because it’s lame my whole life ma’am the maps have been a wake up btw shit and you’re trying to get that cup no one open

Travis 1:04:31
Yes, sir. Don’t do something to you right there. It does

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37

Herman 1:04:42
Herman Oh, I was actually just thinking about Man Boy, the older I’ve got the worse. The music I listen to this guy. In my own world when you

Tim 1:04:51
leave always isn’t that random? Horrible,

Herman 1:04:55
horrible. Just violent. And you know what it is though? Like I had to listen to so many children’s things like after you know having my daughter I just had to listen to so much tender hearted. Yeah, I dropped her off at school and just immediately immediately turned on the worst.

Tim 1:05:15
You told me you like we’re in a we’re in the in the adult phase, right? Correct. You told me you like, Miguel. Well, I

Herman 1:05:25
got Luke Skywalker. And man that’s my jam. How

Tim 1:05:27
are you gonna go? We get to do though.

Herman 1:05:31
Amen. This song just puts me in a good mood. It’s just

Tim 1:05:37
it’s really it’d be I don’t know if it’s transcending though. The tracks have been now

Herman 1:05:49
for me personally. I need to calm down a lot. This calms me down. Come down from what just mental stuff constantly think about whatever.

Tim 1:05:58
Calm your brain Yeah, do this call a brand new moving. Break Even Travis Scott’s in this one, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
More bass and

Tim 1:06:21
I feel it, I feel it.

Herman 1:06:23
Plus it kinda you know, age appropriate. Chill out. Calm down. It’s sunny. Kids can listen to it except for like one bad word, which I just turned the volume down.

Tim 1:06:33
Right. That’s the thing though. Right? Like, alright, so I don’t know about y’all. Alright, so I have a man, I have a two year old. Almost two and almost four. And when we get in the car, going to school daycare. The first thing I hear is Dad, did you bring your phone? Like, yeah, of course I got my phone. Cool. So you can play our songs. Because they know their songs are not on the radio. Or they’re in my phone. Oh, man. Don’t you love it. And I have a playlist called to these playlists. It has marijuana. Every song from Awana it has every song from Trolls. And then I have another playlist which is just like Kid songs. And they’re like all 30 seconds long or a minute long. It’s like a row row your boat and all this stuff. And that’s what I listened to one day that

Herman 1:07:32
something horrible. So soon as

Tim 1:07:35
they get out. It’s my mom.

Herman 1:07:39
Yeah, yeah, it is not.

Tim 1:07:43
But you know, but you know, it’s like, Alright, I want to I want to be conscious. I’ve talked about this before like being conscious and intentional about raising my kids. So I want to give them some soul give them some rap give us some r&b but you know when it’s negative pitch that and like this and eff that and shit. Damn, I can’t buy that shit.

Herman 1:08:08
Like before, I wasn’t like there’s just the context of songs. I’m like, Damn what stuff this sexualized when we were coming up it was but I just didn’t know and so I constantly it’s hard as an as an adult and the parent to like not think that they are in taking information. I feel like

Tim 1:08:23
they’re way smarter. I feel the same way. Because I was thinking do me baby. And I had no idea but I guarantee she will be with our teachers like, Hey, Mrs. You know, Kristen. I was just talking it’s like do me baby and they got a rat. Oh your boy. Yeah, guy.

Herman 1:08:44
They’re smart, man. You don’t really have them kids, man. There’s Yeah, they also really? Yep. They also really what can hurt your persona when you used to ride and dirty and then all of a sudden your son is like, can you turn on blue? And I’m like, What is blue? And he’s like, I am blue. No, you can’t play that with daddy. Little Wayne finally.

Travis 1:09:06
crip is he cuz? Me?

Tim 1:09:15
I are so I’m just gonna play a song that was just like, dear to me. So I got married in 2001 I think that was 11 out here. It was a two and a zero and a one. There was an extra one in there 2011 In Mexico, and this job dropped and I was the only out my head like we were in like this, this condo in like on the water in Mexico. And I had one album, and I rocked it the whole time. And it was just we’re gonna skate to one song one song and it was my shirt.

Do you think about Wi Fi? I think about my boys. I think about the time we had to think about the decision and a commitment that we made so first thing is gotta think about the future I’m trying to create please remind me I don’t know that don’t shift my motivation so when I think like I just can’t be appropriate I might stuck. I’m saying yeah, we just can’t I keep getting set back. Take your pick. But this I put this out on the whole album. I don’t know if it’s like albums or a track or a song I’m confused about that hope and that we can talk about but this checker here now

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
up in Paschim popped up

Tim 1:10:59
like yay was like kind of normal. And he parted with like the best in the big shots. It was just like a match made in heaven. Which is how I feel about my wedding. Even move back a little cray cray

Travis 1:11:21
cray boys do lol smooth

Herman 1:11:27
watch out for the black ones.

Tim 1:11:29
Nice game for the win. All right. Got any last tracks you want to play?

Herman 1:11:38
I don’t think so. No.

Tim 1:11:41
One. You get one. You get one. You get one. You got it? No, I’m saying fish fillet. So if you don’t play one, I’m going to play one for you. That I think personified?

Herman 1:11:54
Actually, that is exactly what you should do. Yeah,

Tim 1:11:56
no, it’s probably not. Nope, it’s probably not because.

Herman 1:12:02
Oh, man, I just can’t say that many cuss words and you should put on here.

Tim 1:12:07
I just I just gotta push a button that says explicit. It might take a little while to publish but you’d be fine. Yeah, do we play Doggy Dog?

Travis 1:12:18
Oh, we did not. We opted out of that due to the intro.

Tim 1:12:22
So we play Master P right.

Travis 1:12:29
We didn’t play Master P we didn’t. We did. Yes we did. Okay. Oh man.

Tim 1:12:37
Just don’t be shy. Guys. Don’t be shy. Because I’m gonna play. You don’t want me to play something for you.

Herman 1:12:43
What are you listening to right now? Because I’ll tell you what I’m listening to right now. If that’s what you want. Young nudy y o u NT n u dy.

Tim 1:12:50
No sweet. See? This is why we don’t ask you nothing.

Herman 1:12:54
It’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. clearer.

Travis 1:12:57
I don’t listen to anything really new.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:02
Yeah, yep. Yeah, I’m just gonna

Travis 1:13:04
pick for one. There’s one person who has not come up. Who should and that’s Mr. Andre 3000. Oh, yes, sir. Benjamin Andre to be exact.

Herman 1:13:15
That Yes. What they have oh my god, what they create

Travis 1:13:20
is his verse on like, a song like 16

Herman 1:13:24
Yeah, I mean, there’s so many great ones. They’re

Tim 1:13:28
the same, the same about the same. This is this is not about all the grads about what influenced you

Herman 1:13:34
Goody mob in your life.

Travis 1:13:39
Tonya was big.

Herman 1:13:40
I was gonna say college dropout. Kanye was big.

Tim 1:13:44
We didn’t talk about Yeah, right. Okay, college years.

Herman 1:13:49
Probably have an episode just on

Unknown Speaker 1:13:54
about Yeah, I mean, yeah.

Tim 1:13:58
That’s a good one. That is a really good one. Actually. How Yeah, it

Travis 1:14:01
was real big

Herman 1:14:02
dude. That was like,

Tim 1:14:03
I was, I mean,

Herman 1:14:04
through the wire was like, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
just Yeah, I was

Tim 1:14:10
cash. I was in college. I was in Queens. Actually. When he dropped it then you do is in Queens, and I said, I already have it. But I was like, it was like I was King. I just remember walking to walking through Manhattan or queens or like Delancey Street and like where they sold knockoff CDs like the mixtapes Yeah. And I was like, oh my god, they got all this music. I’m gonna take this magnet school me so you know, they had all the mix, like from the shit they was playing on like high 95.7 Like, it was everyday stuff for them in New York, but it was pretty dope. So that’s why I go back there but what was what was the track you went through the wire? That’s probably quintessential right? Right.

Herman 1:15:00
Yeah, I mean, I had he just got his car accident he’s wrapping through and beginning. Yeah.

Tim 1:15:07
That was the beginning of Kanye.

Herman 1:15:09
And I don’t know where it premiered. But I remember watching the video and be like, Oh, that’s a powerful last video.

Tim 1:15:16
I didn’t do videos

Herman 1:15:18
with him his car was good. Or MTV, probably.

Tim 1:15:24
If it wasn’t on the box, Boy they’re watching

right now but yeah, I remember man. He had remixes and yeah, I was like okay, I liked this cat right now should you drop the next app?

Travis 1:15:46
Registration done

Tim 1:15:50
and then we was in college at the time so it was like okay breakfast

Unknown Speaker 1:15:52
in show for dessert. Somebody who would have pancakes I deserve that right there could drive a sane man presume that to where we miss it a student and goes back to wizard console my mom give a light to put telling us on zone life support and just imagine how much girl feel on the plains good is held at a guy looked like Emmett Till she’d been trying to be she had Delta she bent down. Trying to be a millionaire. Hi, I used to live in the same hospital with Biggie Smalls died. That doctor said I had blood clots. But I ain’t your thing. You managed over your MTP in.

Tim 1:16:37
The best way to do though? Absolutely. And boy, your boy, your boy then did two things and was a last seven days. You didn’t sign with gap? Yeah, that was pretty. I mean, which I think is dope coming from a market advertiser perspective, brand perspective, if it’s a brand new, like super smart if it’s fucking awesome. Yeah. All right. You could not afford his shoes previously, that he’s bringing his style to the masses. Because

Herman 1:17:06
speaking of the masses, the masses that love him today, absolutely fucking hated him. When he said being on stage was like being at war. All the people did like love him now once he put on his Make America Great Again hat hated him then. And I’m like, Huh? How can like, put on that hat and all of them switch like, oh, we like Kanye West. Now. Before they were like,

Tim 1:17:30
well, of course they would as a black guy saying, No, I’m just like that. I thought he’s secured my thoughts like yes, absolutely. Right. But um, I love this black guy, literally.

Herman 1:17:41
But four years ago, you were like, they should kill him. He shouldn’t say stuff like that. He’s a traitor. He would not have has no idea. If you heard the stuff online.

Tim 1:17:50
Just I don’t because I don’t listen. So that’s why that’s why you’re on the show.

Travis 1:17:55
He’s backpedal from that Maga stuff saying that he was used as a figurehead and or a character character. But, man, this dude is lost. And now he’s, I know you’re about to get into the other thing he did. But this is not the Kanye that I got. I

Tim 1:18:14
appreciate late registration. Yeah, that caught his job. That dude as long gone. Well, we knew that before the politics, right. Like we knew that just through the music. Yeah, we knew but evolving. The music evolved. And it got it got good. It got better. It got great. His music got great, right?

Herman 1:18:33
Better than late registration and caliphate, but it has its place.

Travis 1:18:37
I’m saying it has its place. My Dark Twisted Fantasy might be his best album. That is an amazing album. It’s I think he won a Grammy for that. Like that is a amazing album, won a

Herman 1:18:48
Grammy with my cousin, but I’m gonna talk about that. But

Travis 1:18:52
the the politics he lost me

Tim 1:18:55
well, you know what? You I don’t know, man, like, people make decisions right or wrong. And you can you can decide to stick by them. Or you can kind of rekindle and re calibrate and just go about your shit the new way. Maybe that’s what he’s doing. Maybe not. Maybe he’s sticking with the maggot thing. Maybe he’s not. I mean, if he’s running, if he wants to run for president, which is what he said yes. Then he’s not for Trump. Right. And

Travis 1:19:31
he’s not he’s walked that back publicly. Okay. So but at the same time, what he’s doing is very counterproductive, right?

Tim 1:19:39
It’s super kind of fucking productive. But as he builds his brand as a fucking billionaire, yeah. So and his wife, he’s a billionaire or whatever. I don’t know. I don’t like

Herman 1:19:51
Oh, him was President. Well, I guess they will get into prisons. They will get that knocked out. At

Travis 1:19:55
the same time he entered himself into the political landscape and Meanwhile avoiding a lot of different things that won’t have to go through such as primaries and debates. Like he doesn’t have to debate eight people who can tee off on tariffs that comes in in the fourth quarter like Well, yeah,

Tim 1:20:13
but he’s already missed all those votes, though. He’s,

Travis 1:20:16
he’s not gonna be uncertain.

Tim 1:20:18
I’m not taking a shit serious. Oh, it’s not I’m not taking this serious but what I am doing

Herman 1:20:24
good. I was just gonna say Who is he going to hurt more?

Tim 1:20:28
He’s gonna hurt by us. He’s gonna hurt my abs fucking Louis. So he’s gonna hurt he’s gonna split the party.

Herman 1:20:34
So then do you think he’s doing that for somebody else? Because he’s not gonna win. He’s just not gonna there’s no way he can be on the ballot. He’s

Travis 1:20:40
doing it for Kanye. Don’t get confused about

Tim 1:20:48
just about through the wire, bro. It is

Travis 1:20:51
all for him.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:53
Talking about cooking was more like that was really put in a day, bill.

Herman 1:20:59
I appreciate that con. Yay. Today’s con yay. Appreciate your business since but maybe not your common sense.

Travis 1:21:05
I mean, nothing is good for him to get a deal with the gap after working for the gap. Smoking by the non smoking sign like he said he’d done in the fat. It’s

Tim 1:21:12
cute. That’s just cute. Yeah. But it’s a dash I don’t build generational wealth in an influence.

Travis 1:21:20
And I’m sure there’s somebody looking for that. Yeezys I’m personally I’m not.

Tim 1:21:25
Yeah, well, TBD on that one. Stay tuned as Kanye ones for president doesn’t really actually run for president. Warm did we did we play your Miguel song? Yeah, we did. We did. Alright, cool. Well, this has been a fun episode, guys.

Herman 1:21:48
Longest episode.

Tim 1:21:50
It’s all good though. Cuz y’all got me cracking over the songs.

Travis 1:21:56
Have you ever tried your hand at music? Have you ever tried to

Herman 1:22:00
absolute up rap in the car every day? And Friday’s killer All right, I’m amongst friends. Where I’m not gonna do anything on wax on

Tim 1:22:08
her stuff. First off, first off, you will? Because every Christmas we meet up with Jeff Mapes house back in the day. Back in the day. Don’t get it twisted. It was always freestyle. Friday. Oh, even if it was

Herman 1:22:32
not about to be freestyle Friday. Is it Sunday?

Tim 1:22:36
We would always get it cracking. But you know, I think that’s a good question. T Yeah, I think we need to get it. We got the creativity

Travis 1:22:47
btw ciphers a.

Herman 1:22:50
Today ain’t

Tim 1:22:51
the day T bone in the in the basement.

Travis 1:22:57
One to One to

Herman 1:22:58
Somebody get him. Thanks for your Listen, don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast. Just start with don’t forget to subscribe. Right. Ready? Are you ready for me to go? Go now. Don’t forget don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or whatever random app or website you’re listening on. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram. Underscore black in the middle

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