Kanye West and November Update

Nov 7, 2022 | Season 3

This week’s Black in the Middle is off the cuff as Kanye West invades our regularly scheduled Autumn Update. We discuss Ye’s latest controversy and then unpack what’s been going on in our three corners of the world… Business, parenting and relationships.

Hosts & Guests

Travis Brown

Herman Watson

Tim McCoy

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Kanye West and November Update

Black People Don’t Cancel Black People

Tim: I still like Kanye.

Herman: Uh oh…

I’ve downloaded every album. I’ve listened to every song. I know most of the words.

Travis: What is it gonna take for him to be canceled in your eyes?

Travis: This is how black people are. What black person have black people canceled? And people have done some SHIT!

Herman: R. Kelly I would say was on the fringe… but nobody’s NOT listening to 12 Play. It just hits a little different.

Travis: He’s not canceled in black people’s eyes, he’s taboo.

Travis: If The Cosby Show was on right now, you telling me you just wouldn’t watch it?

Herman: Yeah…

Tim: I feel a little weird when he goes DAUUGHHH!

Herman: You just acting like somebody passing out! Don’t nobody want your Jello, nobody trust that.

Travis: But like I’m literally trying to think… 

Travis: OJ didn’t get canceled. We said he didn’t do it knowing damn well there’s a good chance he did.

Is Kanye Cancelled?

Tim: You’re not gonna get canceled attacking black people.

Travis: Cancel culture is a Caucasian driven initiative.

Tim: 1,000%

Travis: Kanye has said slavery was a choice.

Tim:  And I ignored that shit. I ignored he said that slavery was a choice. I was like, “That’s fucking stupid. Moving on. press play.”

Tim: The white lives matter T shirts.

Herman: I felt like it must be some type of stunt, which I don’t like. It’s  not helpful. But what do you say?

Tim: I mean, it’s not false. He’s not lying. White lives do matter.

Travis:  Yeah…

Tim:  How are you gonna cancel him for putting facts on a t shirt?

Herman:  That’s the thing he didn’t he didn’t get canceled for that. 

Tim: No, he didn’t.

Kanye’s Antisemitism 

Tim: We didn’t cancel him for saying stuff about Jews.

Herman: True. 

Tim: How many Jewish people do you even know?

Herman: If anything, we’re learning how much we don’t know about Jewish culture and how dynamic it is.

Tim: By ‘dynamic’ you mean powerful? I mean, powerful?

Herman: No, by ‘dynamic’ mean there’s lots of different… There’s Hasidic Jews and black Jews and the history of Judaism is like so vast.

Herman: But then when I heard him talk recently, he was talking about like Jewish run companies. And that’s not a piece of the culture that most people experience. Like I’m not in music, I don’t know what those deals look like. He was talking about a football team owners. He brought up the Illuminati. I’m like, that’s not my wheelhouse.

Tim: There’s a whole other world that operates… That the lay person like us, the middle class, middle of the map… It would be hard for us to understand, even if they told us what was really going on.

Herman: That’s kind of my point, there’s this blanket reaction to anti semitic claims, but Kanye is talking about this elite group.

T-Bone Doesn’t Fuck with Kanye

Travis: I haven’t cancelled Kanye. I don’t fuck with Kanye, which is two totally different things.

Herman: I agree.

Travis: Meaning that if ‘Last Call’ comes on, could I still listen to it? Absolutely. Because that man who was there in 2003 is not the man that I know today.

Travis: However, anything that he does right now… His place in my heart is a lifetime achievement award in fucking up. And I can’t.  I cannot take anymore.

Travis: I get it. You’re a free thinker. Because that’s all he talks about. Right? Free thinking…

Travis: Which is just his unfiltered way of saying anything that comes into his head…. Bullshit or not.

Kanye’s Dark Side

Tim: Now Kanye says he’s not bipolar. That was just a way to rationalize what he was doing and saying.

Tim: He thinks mental health is a crock of shit, which again, I could play both sides of that conversation.

Tim: Ye talks about a lot of shit that I may not agree with, but I understand his rationality behind it.

Tim: He’s a brilliant man. Period.

Travis: No, yeah.

Tim: What we’re finding is that a lot of brilliant men have a dark side

Does Kanye Hurt Black Culture?

Tim: We’re putting too much shit on Kanye. Our own shit.

Tim: He’s supposed to lift up the culture? That shit is unfair.

Travis: Ahhhhh…

Tim: That’s unfair.

Travis: Nooo. No.

Herman: Ye does not mind hurting the perception of black people in our struggles and challenges… With the shit that he’s said.

Tim:You know why? Because it’s not going to change anything.

Herman: It’s not going to change shit for him, but it does change shit for us.

Tim: What does it change it? What is different for black people now, after Kanye came out and went fucking crazy?

Herman:When Kanye supports the antithesis of equity producing things…  Identity and conversations. When he goes against that, it empowers people on this other side to be hateful, be hurtful, unsupportive. To back out of anything that could help with the inequities.

Travis: What did the Trump supporters do immediately after hearing his statements?

Tim: The same shit they’ve been doing for 5-6 years.

Herman:’See, this black one says we’re right.”

Travis: Yeah…

Herman: That is a big thing.

Senator Herschel Walker?

Herman: If Herschel Walker can be in a Senate race in Georgia.

Travis: Oh my God…

Tim: Is he still in the race?

Herman: Bro, he’s like a point behind… Maybe

Tim:He didn’t show up for the last debate.

Herman: He ain’t gotta do that.

Travis: Oh, my God. That is amazing… That he’s in this Senate race.

Herman: Is he canceled by the black community?

Travis: Yes.

Tim: Except for w when he played for the Eagles! And Randall Cunningham was handing the ball off to him. I will never cancel those days.

Herman: I was reading an article today talking about why people support him, why black conservatives support him. It is solely based off of getting rid of Warnock and having that Senate seat go red. That is crazy.

Tim: That is crazy. But that is the system we built and support.

Herman: Senator Herschel Walker… writing laws and legislation for the direction of our country.

Travis: It won’t be written.

Tim: You know he ain’t gonna write a Got Damn thing.

Herman: Of course not. Of course not.

Fuck America!

America is based off of contracts.

Tim: It doesn’t matter.

Tim:Fuck America though!

Travis: Ooh… That does not reflect the views of every member…

Tim: I love my I love my country, but I hate a lot of things about how it is run and how it treats black people. We’ve talked about it a lot on this podcast.

Travis: You can do that. I just want to say…

Herman: We can critique America but…

Tim: Man, I wish somebody would cancel me for saying some shit on my own podcast…

Tim: Fuck you too!

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Herman 0:00
You ruined it.

Travis 0:01
Why did I ruin it?

Herman 0:02
Because you’re black. We

Travis 0:02
should just go ticky tacky, straight

Herman 0:04

Tim 0:06
Now the game has changed if y’all haven’t noticed, yeah, better.

Travis 0:09
Yeah. We’re back with another episode of Black in the middle,

Tim 0:14
middle class,

Herman 0:14
middle of the map,

Travis 0:15
a podcast by three friends who seem to always find themselves stuck in between

Herman 0:20
black culture and white America.

Tim 0:22
If you’re a believer that genuine conversations can be a first step to closing the divide. And you’re in the right place

Travis 0:28
the metal with us.

Tim 0:30
Let’s go. And we’re back. I’m your host,

Travis 0:42
Tim Travis Herman.

Herman 0:43
This guy listens to a lot of music.

Tim 0:47
Right, Mr. Hip Hop culture.

Travis 0:49
Hey. Yeah, and you’re right. So when we had our music episode, man took me down memory lane.

Tim 0:56
I didn’t listen to how they did.

Herman 0:57
That’s fine. I didn’t listen either. Because I was like, the public to be published. All I listen is don’t listen. And if you listen, don’t don’t just stop.

Travis 1:07
must listen. It’s good. It’ll take them down their own. Yeah,

Tim 1:12
yeah. Now, I was fun recording for sure. We did not plan it out. So that was interesting. That was Season One,

Travis 1:23
when that was definitely Season One throwback,

Herman 1:26
a lot of times, it’s come out since then. And most of his tracks.

Tim 1:31
None of it stopped any songs

Travis 1:33
I just listened to. And I thought about all the things that I missed in my music journey. Like, that’s why we didn’t publish it. So many things that I missed and so much more detail. So you want

Tim 1:44
to do an addendum. And we might have to come back with

Herman 1:47
a picture that I sent through the thread that had all these because I was like my son, whatever he was doing. And I pulled out all those albums. I took a picture and send it to the thread. Yeah. And it was like, camera on the chronic Tila, like, Oh, hi. And everybody was like, No, what’s the starter kit, man?

Travis 2:03
Yeah, man.

Tim 2:05
That’s funny. I’m speaking of music,

Herman 2:09
I was transition. So now that we’re an hour in

Tim 2:13
music, I just saw another text of another canceled situation with Mr. Yeh. Once Okay, so here I go again. What are we talking about earlier? Oh, we were talking about Glenn’s book when I was playing devil’s advocate. Ma’am. I don’t know why this is my son says when he when he does something that he shouldn’t have done even like my brain told me to do it. I don’t know why my brain tells me to give you the the the other side of the story to support Kanye and not support him but to what’s the word I’m looking for? Like make up for his like give him excuses for his actions and like, oh, well this is really what he’s thinking he’s not really doing that. I don’t know what compels me to do it. Maybe he’s just I love Kanye. His music so much. It’s your blood and I respect is like miniature

Herman 3:09
blackness, which conversations that I’ve seen online or that we shouldn’t be having this conversation. There’s two things that I’ve seen during the Kanye ecosystem. One is not to call them crazy, because that’s dismissive. And I’ve actually really thought about that. I’m like, That is too simple. So let’s not do that. Number two is dissecting because I’m like, I don’t think there’s that much to dissect. Because if you think about his statement, it is no different than what he’s done. All since Katrina, and George W. Bush doesn’t like black people, right? Like he’s going to speak what’s on his mind, whether it is right or wrong is not the point.

Tim 3:45
He make an emotional motherfucking decision. And he’s saying stuff off his emotions, which we talked about nine times out of 10 is going to be wrong, but

Herman 3:54
he also has some level of motive. There is something that’s going to happen whether I was thinking about like man, he loses his money. What if that just reduces his tax liability in a way where he still comes out ahead? Not Not that that’s the case,

Tim 4:08
but I’m like he could have Mr. freakanomics over here.

Herman 4:10
He could have a million reasons why and I don’t think that we have

Tim 4:14
a billion reasons why a million

Travis 4:16
no than a billion no more bro, how

Tim 4:19
you go from a billionaire to 1000 their overnight. projection, what

Herman 4:24
is your 10 billion versus like 200 million like,

Tim 4:28
ain’t shit changed.

Travis 4:29
I’m still trying to figure out how he was a billionaire. This future money

Tim 4:32
it was just valuation. Again.

Travis 4:34
I don’t get it because like I I get it. I’m not in circles of where people are trendy, you know, go to work and go to other places where people are not up on the hip hop game, but i The number of people I’ve seen wearing easy’s is small.

Herman 4:49
I agree, man. So circles, I will see

Travis 4:53
a ton of people. I see a ton of people wearing Jordans. I don’t see a ton of people wearing easy’s. Now granted I’m not in the power are in light or at the Westport like I used to be once upon a time,

Tim 5:03
but don’t even tip 20% You’re not wearing easy’s bro Nah, man diseases for 25% peppers and above

Travis 5:11
the only shoe that I’m buying that is more than $100 is Jordans. And I’m doing that once every 10 years saying I’m Shawn in the motherfucking GA

Tim 5:19
you only get every shoes every 10 years.

Travis 5:22
I buy shoes that are 6070 bucks man because it’s I mean you can find a decent looking sneaker and not and not spend a ton of money on it.

Tim 5:30
Yeah, I like shoe carnival to buy one get one half off. Doesn’t go to shoot.

Travis 5:37
When I’m deals come on Tim’s like

Tim 5:40
oh, it’s always buy one get one he’s like, that’s where I go when it gets nice. Yeah, like one for you and one for him.

Travis 5:47
I would buy I took my son to pay lesson. And he was just he was running through them. It was just ridiculous. You want to pay less? Absolutely row.

Tim 5:55
Okay. Let’s talk about that. There are so many more options for affordable shoes. Tell me because I shot the payments when I was young. Did you shop No you didn’t. Yeah, they didn’t have failures. There were there was not a Payless shoe source cars because the name of the store was called Payless shoe source Yes. Not shoe store. They didn’t have one of those within a 20 mile driving radius of Lakewood so understandable. This is true. And you can get those wet in a boat with a mediately

Herman 6:31
no no money

Tim 6:34
every talking would have been Yeah, but a top okay so target target target audience you

Herman 6:43
know they don’t you say Do no they do not?

Tim 6:46
Well, you have Walmart has good shoes. I know you like Walmart at Walmart online. Remember when I bought those pair of Walmart shoes when he was a client? And I was like, Man, these shoes are surprisingly amazing. By him. I

Herman 6:59
do remember that.

Travis 7:00
I will buy my son some champions. I will not buy him dunk man’s. I know I’m like buy him the skills. I will I will buy him champions though. Well, I did. At some point in time I graduated from

Herman 7:14
it is not resonating. Why any body would buy well other than like my daughter. She gets trendy little shoes. Carly gets trendy shoes from Target and places like that. But for athletes who need supportive Nike

Tim 7:30
do not wear Payless shoes. Well, you can’t do our sports so that’s what like well, I got I bro I got blisters on my feet still from

Herman 7:38
a while ago to pay less in any situation. Leave because

Tim 7:41
you know he’s gonna He’s gonna He’s gonna tear him up. He’s gonna grab him in two months.

Herman 7:45
Yeah, can he be fresh and supported and some like the difference is $30 Maybe the difference is $100 Oh man. That’s what

Travis 7:53
his uncle’s for. Eggs. Okay, that’s what Christmas is what Christmas is his? His uncle is Uncle shoe game. He comes in with the good stuff

Tim 8:02
me. Daddy comes in with the primal stuff.

Travis 8:07
I must put where?

Tim 8:09
Yeah, I mean that’s cool. Yeah, it’s so funny like those types of stores? You do not see those shoes anywhere else. Like those things are made for Yeah,

Herman 8:18
yeah, they’re like look, we’re only gonna make a shoe that costs us 13 cents to make we’re gonna sell it for $20 call it good. People are gonna give a damn if they last a day or a week but the definitely the last time they go

Tim 8:29
away from a week though are

Travis 8:31
my son is 14 so you know I can’t give them the champions anymore. Nah, you tried to get canceled in school? He has to have but then he disrespects the job the what he gets like the LeBrons or you know the Donovan Mitchell’s or whatever they are

Tim 8:45
disrespects them in your from your perspective or forgetting Oh, yeah, he’s wearing them all the time. Yep. My teaching my kids between school shoes.

Herman 8:55
Oh man those shoes in place. You

Travis 8:57
love shoes. Come back boy.

Herman 9:00
Will you fight bricks all day? I

Tim 9:02
got my kids doing the Mr. Rogers every day they come home you want to go outside? Which plays shoes on? Yep. They got a uniform put on your car. You play close. Your Blake Lowe’s you play shoes and go outside and play with your cousins for

Herman 9:16
this really took a turn from Kanye?

Tim 9:19
We coming back. Unlike him.

Herman 9:23
Kanye is gonna be just

Tim 9:24
fine. Kanye, Kanye. I still I still like Kanye. I’ve I’ve downloaded every album. I’ve listened to every song I know most of the words.

Travis 9:33
What is it going to take for him to be canceled in your eyes? Because your blackness right now? And this is a problem and that’s not a problem. This is how black people are. I’m trying I was trying to think of what black person had black people cancelled and I seriously can’t think of one like

Herman 9:52
our Kelly. Our Kelly I would say was on the fringe but nobody’s not listening to 12 play. It just hits a little different.

Travis 9:58
He’s not interested

Tim 10:00
It’s a good day but don’t imagine it. Visualize it. Oh, he’s

Travis 10:05
he’s not canceled, like people’s eyes. He’s taboo.

Herman 10:09
You know what I? Well, I don’t know if Candace Owens is canceled in black people’s eyes, but she’s canceled in mind.

Travis 10:16
So I don’t follow Candace Owens. Yeah. So she’s just irrelevant. She only comes up when you thought about her. She never had support, so I

Tim 10:23
didn’t even know about her until you brought her up. But like so you were given her brand life.

Travis 10:28
But if the Cosby Show was on right now, you’re telling me you just wouldn’t watch it? Or I mean, I get it. You won’t go look for it. But that is you would still Yeah, look at it.

Tim 10:38
I feel a little weird when he goes down.

Herman 10:42
You just act like somebody’s passing out.

Travis 10:45
Secret. Yeah. secret sauce that knocks you out every time.

Herman 10:50
Like, don’t I want you to Jelena would you trust that?

Tim 10:53
I mean, I’m not watching The Cosby Show for him.

Travis 10:56
I know you’re not. I know. I know who you’re looking for.

Tim 11:00
Yeah. Black don’t crack.

Travis 11:02
Yeah, boy. But like, I’m literally trying to think and so like, I mean, OJ didn’t get canceled. Oh, Jay didn’t get canceled. You know, we we said he didn’t do it. No one damn. Well, there’s a good chance he

Herman 11:14
did. He may have been involved. Maybe. But unlikely, based off non conviction, right?

Tim 11:21
Did he steal something jury

Travis 11:22
of his peers said otherwise. So it’s hard to cancel?

Herman 11:26
I don’t know. So for the

Tim 11:28
Kanye thing. I’m not like I you know, like most current events, I’m not following it to a tee. But I did. I tried to talk about this in the thread. When I saw when I watched the interview on it, was it? Oh, no. Or something weird.

Herman 11:48
I don’t know, man. He’s been everywhere.

Tim 11:50
So it was before. So it was the interview was on his way back up. Right. And so the interview, like I agreed with most of the stuff that he said, he was speaking practically he talked up he talked about the Adidas deal and how they’re screwing him basically, like, he talks about how like, they’re opened up these easy stores, right. But there’s no easy store in his home town where he grew up in Atlanta or his hometown of Chicago. Right? So he’s like, I’m the face of Yeezy. I’m a black man, but you’re not putting these in black communities or my community. Like, I felt that there was some type of way. And so like he was talking about all these different things and his perspective, and he was still Kanye, but but his rationality made sense. Or his ration, as Tebow likes to say. And so I was cool. And that’s why I shared it in the thread. I don’t remember what I said. But I know none of negros watched it. But so I’m not following his new antics at all. I think it’s just like Trump. I think it’s all strategy. He’s trying to get what he wants, what he needs. The big thing, okay, I do remember, this is why I still supported Kanye because in the interview, his story was all focused around his kids and fatherhood, being in their lives impacted that he wants them to go they got down to school wife, he’s not our ex wife. He’s not having it. Like, all the crazy stuff that was going on, you know, like Glenn said, right? Like, these are two super celebrities. Like your relationship is an outlier. It’s off the book. We can’t map that shit out.

Travis 13:35
So where’s the dawn to school? Chicago?

Tim 13:39
No, it’s in LA. Okay. I believe it’s in LA. Or wherever Calabasas? I don’t know it’s over there where his kids would go to right which in the thread apparently. They just got kicked out of some. The kids did know the net school. Oh, the school can’t compete in Come on. You’re on the same thread. Yeah, since Mid Valley, California. Kanye West down the academy kicked out of major basketball tournament Kanye kicked out of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Conde Kanye kicked out a gap Kanye kicked out Adidas it’s

Herman 14:17
weird because I think that what we’re learning is that for normal people in America it’s it’s Kanye is a vessel for us being able to see something much bigger which is how black stuff black people at some level don’t matter right because this is only a deal. People are only leaving because he said something racist towards the Jewish community or and whatever anti semitic comments and now there’s this huge backlash but he said stuff all along where there’s been backlash but none of it really lingered or hurt and in effect the money it didn’t affect the money this money so Okay, well, here’s the thing, but the broader thing is whenever you attack Black people yeah At some level some people can get canceled if they’re in maybe if it’s so egregious but

Tim 15:05
cancel you’re not gonna get canceled attacking black the cancel

Travis 15:08
call ever is a Caucasian driven initiative 1,000% It is 100,000% Caucasian driven initiative. Kanye said slavery was a choice and black people do not can not cancel white lives matter

Tim 15:24
in I ignored that shit. I ignored he said that slavery was a choice I completely ignored. I was like, That’s fucking stupid. Moving on. Yeah, press play. What did you say? Well,

Herman 15:35
my thing is why is this any different? The

Tim 15:38
white the white lives matter t shirt. So I was gonna put this in the thread. That’s when I checked. I knew y’all

Herman 15:42
was gonna I thought that that will use it that strategic play. I thought it was I was going

Tim 15:46
to I was going to come in that thread. But I figured I would cancel me or just not reply, like you do the most my comments. I feel really undervalued. And I want you to know that. Moving on. I figured it was he was being sarcastic. No, I didn’t hear what like I assume he did like an interview and talked about why he did it. Did he

Travis 16:09
know I’m sure I’m sure he did. Don’t drink champs.

Herman 16:11
I have not heard why he did that. But I felt like it must be some type of stunt, which I don’t like to start is not helpful. But to me, it’s like what do you say?

Tim 16:21
But I I don’t know, we had the Black Lives versus blue lives matter conversation in the White lives. Well, the fact that was all lives, right. And so I mean, it’s not false. He’s not lying. White lives do matter. Yeah, right. There’s a tie, you’ll cancel him or for putting facts on the t

Herman 16:49
shirt. That’s the thing he didn’t. He didn’t get canceled for that. No, he didn’t. Right. That’s kind of the point is like, man, you can say all kinds of stuff.

Tim 16:58
But we didn’t cancel him for saying stuff about Jews. We true. I mean, what which

Herman 17:04
people do you say if anything? I’m like, we’re learning how much we don’t know about Jewish culture and how dynamic it is. And by Danny’s you mean powerful, no dynamic. I mean, dude, there’s lots of different Hasidic Jews and black Jews and like, yeah, history of Judaism is like so vast that, but then when I heard him talk recently, he was talking about like, Jewish run companies specifically. And that’s not a piece of the culture that I think most people experience. Like, I’m not in music. I don’t know what those deals look like. I’m not in whatever circles. I mean, he brought up the Illuminati. I’m like, Okay, I that’s not my wheelhouse. So maybe he’s having a conversation. That is rational somewhere, but that it makes no sense to most people probably listening to you just said something terrible about a group or, you know, aggressive. Yeah,

Tim 17:52
I guess you know what? That’s a very good point. And I feel like there’s a whole nother world that operates at the lay person like us, the black in the middle class, middle of the map. Yeah, we, we do not get, and we will not, it will be hard for us to understand. Even if they told us what was

Herman 18:17
that’s kind of the point of like, whatever his conversation is, is probably to a very small group, because and this again, is just the last thing I saw him talking about was that group, he was talking about a football team owners, and like, Where was this?

Tim 18:31
This was Jake tramps adding myself,

Herman 18:33
I want to say maybe it was like Piers Morgan. No, maybe he left that interview. I don’t know. It was there’s like, maybe nine or 10 recent interviews over the past two days, it was on one of them shits, okay. But it was listening to it. I was like, Okay. The reaction is this blanket reaction to anti semitic claims. But in the way I kind of heard him talking about him, like he’s talking about this elite group, right, which I don’t have anything against. And, you know, whatever his experience is something that most I mean, hundreds of millions of Americans have no clue. So,

Travis 19:08
so here’s the thing. Here’s the here’s the quandary for myself, is that Kanye West is arguably one of the most important rappers, to my algorithm. Everywhere I go in my algorithm, it’s either something he has done himself or produced. Yeah. All throughout it, right? Try and cancel that. So with that being said, the current state of Kanye and his progressive downturn that I will say has happened since somewhere around 2010 ish. has led me to a place where I haven’t cancelled Tanya. I don’t fuck with Kanye, which is two totally different things. I agree meaning that if something If last call comes on from the graduation, or I know from the from college from one of his early arms, I can’t remember if it was late registration or college dropout. But if that comes on, could I still listen to it? Absolutely. Because that man who was there in 2003 is not the man that I know today. However, anything that he does right now I consider his place in my heart is a lifetime achievement award fucking up. And I can’t, I cannot talk anymore. I cannot do anything. And that’s it. So I won’t give him any more of my attention. I won’t give I won’t dwell on anything. He’s doing one. Because like what you said, when it comes to the white lives matter shirt, did he tried to reach out to him? Did he said, Hey, man, I’d like to talk to you. He basically said, you know, fu Diddy, I’m not going to talk to you. You’re nobody’s going to get in the way of my money and etc, etc. And he’s the one who published the whole conversation. Not that he did. He was just gonna say, Man, you don’t understand the impact. I get it. You’re a free thinker. Because that’s all he talks about. Right? Free thinking, which is just my unfiltered way of saying anything that comes to my head bullshit or not.

Tim 21:14
Yeah. Oh, that’s what my son he’s a free thinker.

Travis 21:17
He’s a free thinker. That’s

Tim 21:18
what I’m telling the counselor

Travis 21:19
Yeah, he’s Yes. I don’t know schools from Yeezys to but

Tim 21:26
paying for them getting shoes. Do they sell those payloads? If they go on sale I’ve copied

Herman 21:32
we’ll see what happens. So Jesus Oh, man, for the wintertime. Oh, man. Yeah, man, but ran do a concert. And it really not a bad idea. Yeah, that’s just a snowman rubbing his hands. Yeah.

Travis 21:51
There you go. Got the market in his finest? Yeah, man. I’m just not giving him any more my energy man. That’s, it’s kind of where it is like, I just see him as a lost cause. And we’ll move on, bro.

Herman 22:02
Wouldn’t it be more shocking if like, he didn’t say anything? Or if this didn’t happen, right? Like when is he not in the media for saying something outlandish. Something that, that when he liked him wherever. Yeah, like everybody’s gonna react to when he was

Tim 22:15
putting in work, pushing out dope ass music.

Herman 22:19
I mean, but I’m like, Whatever happened, and he’s what he doesn’t want is peaceful, ending off into the sunset with your family being taken care of and with deals that are paying you and we’re just not having your voice be public in this kind of way that is open to criticism and open to misinterpretation and open to all of the things that are

Tim 22:39
not to you. So you want them to follow the blueprint can life

Herman 22:43
once you make a certain amount of money. And once you can provide for your family and once you have deals like but you can always best.

Tim 22:51
Okay, sorry. Um, you know, maybe it’s just my role to play devil’s advocate. But um, please go ahead. Kanye has enough money. Yes. Kim has enough money. Uh huh. The kids the grandkids, great grandkids

Travis 23:08
can money his money?

Tim 23:09
I’ve thought about the kids all the time. I set up the family. Right. That’s most important number one. So yeah, when he loses these deals, you’d think oh, he’s fucking up his kids money. No, no, no, no, that shit is already saved. Built in growing. Yeah. And so. So like, so like, politically, right? publicly? Like, yeah, he’s got a daughter. What’s her name? I don’t know. The hardest one. Alright, north or how old is she?

Travis 23:34
She’s, I think she’s old enough, right? Nor he’s like, nine.

Tim 23:37
Okay, so that’s what bothers me, is the fallout that the kids have to go through that to be embarrassed about their dad, right? Like, I would never do any shit like that. Well, I take that back. I might. If I felt. I think Kanye feels misunderstood. Like the whole when you don’t really need to watch the interview that I don’t know what Joe was on. I got like nine more. But he said that. Like, he’s he’s not bipolar. That was just a way to rationalize what he was doing insane. Right? Like, he doesn’t have mental issues. He thinks mental health is a crock of shit. Which, again, I could play both sides either side of that conversation. I’m not because I’m gonna get cancelled. But he talked about a lot of shit that I may not agree with. But I understand his rationality behind it. And being a free thinker. I mean, he’s truly an intelligent man. Like you, you he’s a brilliant man. Period. No, yeah. What we’re finding is that a lot of brilliant men have a dark side. Three. Michael,

Herman 24:52
some of the smartest among us are not as great as we think. Right? Like not all All

Tim 25:00
people I mean, none of them are We are human beings

Herman 25:04
with all kinds of like, just because you’re good at one thing or just because you’re like the most creative you’re not a battle does not mean that you’re going to be a great politician. It doesn’t mean that you being a good lawyer doesn’t work. Exactly. Yeah,

Tim 25:16
you’re right. You’re right. So I think like we’re putting, we’re putting too much shit on him. Our own shit you supposed to lift up the culture? Like That shit is unfair. Ah, that’s unfair. Well, it’s unfair.

Herman 25:28
So but it’s

Tim 25:30
unfair to us because he’s doing it the way that he thinks his voice he wants to do Yeah, he is

Herman 25:36
his voice he and his voice and asked for that he does not mind hurting the perception of black people in our struggles and challenges and with the

Tim 25:45
suit that he said right? Oh, why? Because it’s not going to change anything. It’s not going to change shift for him but it does. What does it change it people it is different for black people now after Kanye came out and went fucking crazy

Herman 25:57
when Kanye supports the antithesis of, of equity producing things identity and conversations when he goes against that it empowers people that are on this other side to be hateful, be hurtful, unsupportive, and back out of anything that could help with the inequities. Like,

Travis 26:17
what did the Trump supporters do immediately after hearing his statements the

Tim 26:22
same shit they have been doing for hosting like six years See,

Herman 26:25
this black one says we’re right. Yeah, that is a big thing. That is a huge validation for a lot of white

Travis 26:33
and we what did we tried him in the racial draft?

Tim 26:36
What did he say? When I say Can I try to hear from for

Herman 26:41
slavery comments slavery was slavery way back, Miller.

Tim 26:45
Yeah. Exactly. Oh, we get the bones in the casket more productive. Then we have

Herman 26:53
a cookout, little celebration.

Travis 26:55
Jack? Yeah. Jack Harlow and I don’t know Adele.

Tim 27:02
Eminem is already on Yeah,

Travis 27:03
he’s already we drafted him back in oh two

Tim 27:08
what’s the Dave

Travis 27:10
little Little Dickie? Can’t be Little Dickie and be on the black man. What little dickie and be in the black community? How Yeah, we can’t do that. No Dickies he can be James he can be Dave over here. We little Vicky

Tim 27:31
Here we get a name change it’s oh

Travis 27:36
that is bad for the call it Oh, hi. I’m calling or the man Big D

Tim 27:43
whatever. Whenever I go to big T’s and get sausage, big

Travis 27:48
paws you know, it’s really the best people for years.

Tim 27:58
Writing. Oh man, I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you like

Travis 28:05
double entendre like this

Herman 28:09
Don’t look at me Don’t look at me.

Tim 28:12
Hate that I fell for that

big tea sausage. Stick on changes Instagram description.

Travis 28:24
Give me some a cake. For you. We’d all serve your car.

Tim 28:31
Anyway, what are you saying? You were saying something intellectual?

Herman 28:34
I don’t know if I was not ridiculous. I don’t know if it was I’m completely off track.

Tim 28:39
I don’t know. I was I was trying to rebuttal. I was trying to rationalize Connie aser I’m sorry man. We missed out his name. His name is Yay. Okay.

Herman 28:49
Not that gay. Didn’t make college dropout. I’m gonna call them man.

Tim 28:53
Oh, so we’re canceling yay, but kind of canceling it still Oh,

Herman 28:59
I never went with you.

Tim 29:00
Okay, I’m just no I’m not I mean, I didn’t go there. I’m just saying no, technically,

Herman 29:05
technically I guess that is true. But also

Tim 29:07
this is also dead ah oh shit that’s all part of his plan so yeah branded bro. Hey, rebranded

Herman 29:15
itself like as a fucking white supremacist types. Is is new man. Hey,

Tim 29:25
I mean too many people saying that telling you I keep saying this about Trump, bro. I think it was all strategic. He looks like a fucking idiot. But it worked. Kanye looks like a fucking idiot. We’ll see if it works.

Herman 29:37
I look if Herschel Walker can be in a Senate race in Georgia. Is he still in the race? Oh, he’s like a point behind. Maybe

Tim 29:45
he didn’t show up for the last debate.

Herman 29:47
He ain’t got to do that.

Tim 29:49
Bro. He, I mean.

Travis 29:53
Oh my god. I like that is amazing that he’s in this Senate race.

Herman 29:57
Is he canceled by the black community? Yes. except for except for winning all

Tim 30:02
of the when he played for the Eagles right and Randall Cunningham was hitting the ball after never cancel those days. I was reading

Herman 30:10
an article today they were talking about why people support him why black conservatives support him and it is there solely based off of to getting rid of Warnock and just having that Senate seat go read and I’m like, That is crazy. That is crazy. That is crazy. That’s but that is to say, Senator, we bill Senator Herschel Walker writing laws and legislation for the direction of our country.

Travis 30:34
He won’t be read. Oh, he

Tim 30:35
ain’t gonna read a goddamn Of course not. Of course.

Herman 30:38
He is just going to be a yes man. And this that’s sad. That’s

Tim 30:43

Travis 30:45
I feel sorry for the person who has to transcribe his notes. Like you know, right the dictation and gotta use small words. Yeah. Yeah, everybody that made his speech remedial

Herman 30:56
that medial

Tim 30:59
he’s talking about canceled black people today’s I will be doing

Herman 31:01
I apparently don’t know.

Travis 31:04
But that’s my thing. And I think we kind of beat this horse but I think that

Herman 31:10
canceled with any windows

Travis 31:19
but I think that yeah, man. For yay it. any black person it takes. I don’t know what it takes for you to get canceled. But he is pushing the envelope as close as you could possibly get. And I think that people will work with the way we cancel people was like, we’re just not gonna mess with you right now. But you’ll forget about it. Your historical stuff. We will we will just hold you in that light.

Tim 31:42
We still gonna give you them spins, though.

Travis 31:44
Like if Bill Cosby wanted to have like a little concert right now and talk to people we wouldn’t go. But we asked we would watch. I don’t know. So we’re, but we wouldn’t be on the live video kind of zero peers?

Herman 31:55
I look, I don’t know. I don’t know, every deal. That Kanye excuse me that yay, has. But what I do know is he said anti semitic things. And he’s being dropped by big things that I just I’m going to assume that black people are not at the helm of. And I wonder if there is like, are his black? Or his deals with black owned businesses? Still a Okay, are those going to be intact?

Tim 32:22
I don’t know. That’s a good question that I would

Herman 32:25
be interested to see generally, because it’s like, oh, you have this big brand. He’s probably your biggest client.

Tim 32:30
I mean, do you think like maybe it was just too much for him? What black owned businesses he was just like, that would

Herman 32:35
be my other point is what black owned businesses does he do business with? I don’t know if we’ll get that. But I think it’d be interesting to see when it comes to being canceled because the Jewish community 100% canceling him and 100% saying what is owed?

Tim 32:48
What did he say about manage people?

Herman 32:51
I don’t even know I think it was like a Twitter post. And we’d have to pull it up. But it was something about going DEFCON three, or something, maybe go into war or something like that. And I’m like, I just don’t think you should put war in juice in the same sentence. Twitter. Not a good look. Yeah.

Travis 33:09
Yeah, I was trying to find the article about Kanye and what he

Tim 33:13
apparently his Instagram is restricted.

Herman 33:17
Oh, did he get kicked off all the platforms?

Tim 33:20
I think sir, or whatever it is again.

Travis 33:22
I know he tried to walk them in Skechers today and they threw him out like Jazzy Jeff Shut up frills promise.

Tim 33:29
What happened?

Travis 33:30
He tried to walk up in Skechers. Today on and out and they were like, Nah,

Tim 33:34
you tryna so easy? Skechers

Travis 33:37
today, trying to have that rounded soul. So I thought, okay, the shape of Yes. Catherine, check it out.

Tim 33:47
So I thought that damn. Okay. There goes my theory. I thought that so on that episode, that interview that I keep referring to that I really don’t remember what it was. He talked about opening up these Yeezy stores. And being able people being able to go in and buy five t shirts for $50. Right for Yeezys to be $30 shoes so that everybody can afford. So what I thought what I thought was so maybe that was his play the Skechers because Skechers is a brand that has a huge breadth, right of options. You can get price sheet and you can get really,

Herman 34:31
it doesn’t matter what it is they’re all going to be ugly. So it looks they’re consistent.

Tim 34:35
So I thought he was going to I thought he was going on the independent route, right? Open his own shit, its own stores have total control of his IP and do it his way because he was in just shitty deals. I mean, any deal that you go in, like the house always wins. Right? You can win too, but you’re not gonna win as much as the house. And so I thought maybe that was his play. And maybe it still is because I think You know if you’re gonna be a free thinker then you don’t want to be bound by contracts or other people telling you what the road can do it Okay

Travis 35:06
hold on hold on but New Balance and look out he’s on his way over there now literally

Herman 35:09
is America America

Tim 35:12
is based off it doesn’t matter. America though.

Herman 35:15
I’m pretty sure that he said there in the Oval Office that does not reflect

Travis 35:19
the views of every

Tim 35:22
I love my I love my country, but I hit a lot of things about how it is run and how it treats black people.

Travis 35:27
You can have talked about a lot on this podcast, you can do that. I

Herman 35:30
just want to say we could critique America and I wish

Tim 35:33
somebody would cancel me on saying some shit on my own podcasts fucky to

Herman 35:37
it is not about that. I’m just Chino XL. I’m just saying if he is trying to teach a lesson kids don’t grow on contract fairness. What what is the outcome going to be

Tim 35:50
trying to teach a lesson he’s trying to

Herman 35:52
do it for himself. Yeah. Okay, well, then you lose money and then you get new contracts. But I guarantee you their contracts aren’t gonna be in his best interest I’m gonna use you’re gonna have to write which

Tim 36:02
is why we’re saying like, I thought he was gonna create his own Schiff

Travis 36:04
levar have different distribution channels.

Tim 36:08
Millions of dollars, he can do that. If we tried to do that shit. We broke Fair, fair. I mean, we’re not broke. I don’t want to say,

Herman 36:16
comparison to hundreds of millions of pounds of oh, look, it’s a different level, obviously. All right, like what you can do with a million versus 250 or 900 million or a billion is completely different. Yeah, all I’m saying is why ostracize a group of people for any reason in this conversation, and maybe that’s not for me to critique because if not for this conversation, I’m not talking about anybody’s contracts other than NFL players and even that I have nothing to do with

Tim 36:53
so you wouldn’t be interested to see the Adidas do not really

Herman 36:57
call I’m gonna see as more zeros than I have. And I’m be like, Well, I’m still not interested in

Tim 37:01
now. I’m even more mad I love the money go. But am I

Herman 37:05
get his point because I’d like to kind of some stuff we’ve said in the past. I’m like, Yeah, I there’s so much money, that it’s like even a lot of money seems. I don’t know it’d be equitable to him.

Tim 37:16
I don’t know. I feel like so much money is inequitable.

Herman 37:20
No, no, I’m saying like he might deem it like, I should be getting whatever he deems he should be getting whether it’s 100% 80% You know, if he’s in a contract where he’s getting 15%

Tim 37:31
I don’t think it I don’t think it’s about money. I think it’s about control. And yeah, I do it in the first place. And so because it’s an Adidas deal is a $1.5 billion deal.

Herman 37:43
What do you just do it apparently other shoe companies that would have given a better deal like was that the best deal he didn’t shop Nike he didn’t shop skinny there’s either

Tim 37:51
way better Nike shop Tom’s there next. So you know, where I thought he was going to completely in the pit like, Yay, to me is a type of guy who would go try to start his own fucking country. Yeah. You know, I’m saying you can call it Donda. You can call it Don. I mean, he started his own school like the nation called it and make it is doing revolutionary shit. Like, let’s not fucking get it twisted. You’re right to kill. It does make me angry.

Herman 38:22
I said it before we started.

Tim 38:25
But let’s not get it twisted, that he’s done shit that no one would even think of doing. Like what? Like starting your own school? Well,

Travis 38:34
you thought of that long ago,

Herman 38:35
the Watson started a school

Travis 38:40
doing that 20 years ago.

Tim 38:43
People didn’t correct it. have started who have done it. Who has done it?

Herman 38:46
LeBron. The Watson family in men in Louisiana. Okay, there’s

Tim 38:50
three. Name another black person or Oh, or actually,

Herman 38:54
you know, I would say Jalen Rose every war.

Tim 38:57
What I’m getting at is not commonplace. He’s fucking breaking down boundaries. You got some more? George Carter.

Travis 39:07
George Carter. Whatever. I’ll take his word for it.

Herman 39:12
Yeah. So I think that there will be a lot especially

Tim 39:17
when it’s not the point. The point is, if you gotta google it, and it’s not a lot it’s not commonplace. Yes. Like sign on has a sign as a black female principal. Now that my my brain my head was blown, like, really? Won’t he do Wow. Well, that’s so amazing. Holy shit, who did that? Just should I be saying Holy shit, God did that. I don’t

Herman 39:39
think that that’s revolutionary what he’s doing on the school front, because pre segregation all of our schools were black, and a lot of them were started by black families and black people of the community. That’s what led him to school. So as far as a nation if he wanted to buy land and create his own domination, you should probably keep that Adidas deal and get your hundreds and Hundreds of millions to go there’s

Tim 40:01
probably a closet into said he couldn’t do it couldn’t get start your own nation. There probably was.

Herman 40:06
Janet Jackson started Rhythm Nation.

Travis 40:10
I’m a part of that. That’s fine. He’s 87

Herman 40:16
I just I don’t know, man, if your goal is to rule the world, why ostracize people with money?

Tim 40:23
Again, I

Herman 40:24
don’t think he wants to rule the world. Not even the world, just his own situation. Okay,

Tim 40:29
so I’m gonna, I’m gonna take off my, my yay, supporter hat. Because it’s invisible, and I’m not really supporting it. I’m just saying these things.

Herman 40:37
Contrabass Conversations.

Tim 40:40
I do like the guy. I’m very sad that he turned this way. Like, really, it really breaks my heart. Because I thought after that last interview that he was trying to redeem himself. And apparently not apparently, he’s just confused. He’s probably not strategic. I’m gonna contradict everything else I said earlier. Yeah. It’s, and he and he probably is suffering from mental health.

Travis 41:06
I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do in my book, you know how long it takes to build effective algorithm. You know how long it takes to reverse it?

Tim 41:16
I gotta put the thing down. flip it and reverse

Herman 41:21
it. There we go. Hey, look, man. Where’s Missy?

Tim 41:30
So be it skinny and fine. If she I don’t know. I know. She’s gaining a lot of weight. And she was a she got what she just get like some big award. Yeah. Anyway, how do we get

Herman 41:43
so let’s get off that. Yeah. With Yay. So So what is it? We’re canceling? Yeah, not canceling. Yeah.

Tim 41:50
I mean, we already I mean, it’s first thing he said black people don’t cancel like people.

Travis 41:54
So yeah, we’ll cancel Paula Jean.

Herman 41:57
I will say this though, from my own harm perspective. I just don’t want him to do I mean, anything more negative towards really any community but definitely black life folks, like he’s said and done a lot of things that just don’t help our causes. Or when we’re making strides and what I believe to be a right direction with the conversations that need to be having he has not been hopeful the past few years with with that at all.

Travis 42:26
I agree with you harm here the forests that are against us and right now he seems to be working against us and, and that is a he’s bad for business and bad for the brand. And I really hope that this brother can find a way to be constructive versus destructive. But the problem with him is part and part he’s constructive. And then he does these, these grossly destructive things. But it’s kind of put me in a space where you know, I’m just not gonna deal with it. And I’m just done. And it’s not really a cancellation. It’s just more I’m just not gonna give it my energy. Because like I said, if I was a college dropout, late registration, graduation, I look was it

Tim 43:14
the weights and heartbreaks? That

Travis 43:17
one he? But then and then what’s the hottest one after that?

Herman 43:21
The one with Jay Z. We were talking about that this morning? Because I was like, that’s the best album. That’s when people say I’ve never lived I’ve never lived around you know how much music I have. That was that was

Travis 43:32
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is arguably one of the best albums of all time.

Herman 43:37
I have never listened really?

Travis 43:38
Oh yeah. Listen to it. Hmm.

Tim 43:41
I like I said I love like Kanye song.

Herman 43:45
I guarantee nobody will I personally I don’t trumpet the gap. So I have do not show up at the ad any ever bought a pair? Yes. I I bought a pair for wifey. She says they are the I mean

Tim 43:55
literally the most comfortable shoe she’s ever worn her days. All right. easy’s uses whatever Yeah, I mean dirty as fuck because she you don’t know the difference between school shoes and play shoes. I mean, she she don’t She’s like, Oh, just go on. pointment no change issues. But But yeah, I mean, whatever. Whatever. Yeah, I’m over. Oh, wait, down to two WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? In he like dropped a new album. Yeah. Was that the one on his? His thing? STEM player?

Travis 44:30
Yes, that’s exactly what it is. You have to get that thing done. Nobody got it. Nobody heard it. So no one’s heard these songs. Nobody. Nobody of substances No.

Tim 44:39
Now I’m interested. I mean, you know he created

Travis 44:44
what I brought the money man. It’s all about the money.

Tim 44:47
It’s not about the money. It’s about the plays the deals the progress like a stem player. I don’t know what the stem player is progress of his banker. The fact that he created why he’s just he’s breaking barriers and in everything he does. I think that’s what it’s about. It’s about proving that yay is different. Yay is down. I wouldn’t say better. But I feel like he’s proven that

Travis 45:13
time again. What? But he’s different.

Herman 45:19
Yeah, yes. He is definitely different documentary.

Travis 45:23
Yeah, we did. I did. Okay.

Tim 45:26
How did that make you feel?

Travis 45:29
I saw his struggle. I love the documentary. Yeah. I also didn’t like how he changed so much. It’s very typical of him. And you know, very typical of humans when you get a lot, man and you get last success. Yeah, just completely pivoted. That was interesting. I mean,

Tim 45:45
all of us would be totally different people in our yard.

Travis 45:49
Like if we were on the beach

Herman 45:52
none of y’all don’t text me.

Travis 45:54
We won the $700 million lottery would you change

Herman 45:59
that would be different. Asked me and that’s different

Tim 46:01
different than winning the money and making earning the money by being exceptional. Different. I’m telling because nobody’s patting you on the back that you want to you won the lottery, you didn’t do shit. But luckily they will if you

Travis 46:15
pay them to if you win.

Herman 46:19
My back ends now.

Tim 46:22
Back scratch my back. It will be behind me Amen.

Travis 46:34
Deep Tissue for

Tim 46:37
the big T. Thank you. Oh,

Travis 46:43
I’m telling you right now big T socks. You know, no matter if I gradually get there if I get it in one fell swoop. 700 700 million different shit. Brand new. Alright, what are you buying?

Tim 46:58
You ain’t buying a new car? Yes, he’s just gonna pay for performance.

Herman 47:05
I’m gonna go buy the Chrysler 300 engine. It’s just I’m gonna go get

Tim 47:09
the st he gonna go back and buy his Oh, six months

Travis 47:11
later. I got 699.

Herman 47:16
I was just saying that early. I was like, Man, if I bought everything I wanted, I would still have $700 left over.

Travis 47:23
If you would have said I’m disappearing. I’m disappearing for a

Tim 47:28
long time. I’m saying everybody would

Herman 47:31
have had the same phone number since 1997. Look,

Tim 47:35
I already have. Yeah, I’ve got I haven’t picked out. I’ve got houses scoped like, I already know what the fuck I’m spinning. I’m a hot, bro. What’s the

Herman 47:46
most egregious thing that you’re going to spend it on?

Tim 47:50

Travis 47:52
That is a good, egregious. You know, you gotta buy something ignorant. Well, my

Herman 47:58
thing is going to be a long term investment. A personal chef,

Travis 48:02
the elephant forever.

Tim 48:05
That’s just egregious.

Herman 48:06
That is that is ever forever. I want everyone three meals a day for

Tim 48:11
absolute fucking Louie.

Travis 48:13
named Jeffrey,

Herman 48:14
let’s start getting a butler. I’m good at cooking.

Tim 48:16
I want to talk about that. Let’s talk about that real quick. I am planning on doing that in the next three years. Oh, man, we go. Wi Fi and I have talked about it. And I may have mentioned this before, I know I miss you. But you know, when we talk about maybe some of the last part when we talk about spending money. We want to spend money that makes our life less stressful? Yes, yeah. And cleaning, cooking.

Herman 48:40
Oh, the house gets messy. I’m just buying a new one. care what the interest rate

Tim 48:46
all of the services right like laundry, we do what we talked about laundry, we do it every day. And only way you can stay on row. It’s a nightmare. But it’s a part of the routine. We do it because about it. And then we keep doing it over and over again. There will be somebody doing my laundry every single day and my house will be cleaned every single day. If I can’t pick up the kids, I will have somebody to go get the kids whenever I need them. Like, bro, I’m telling you, I would live a stress free life. Stress Free, everything would be automated or delegated.

Herman 49:18
And then you’d still have $695 million

Tim 49:23
left. Well then by the time my kids get into college, that’s gonna be probably a million a semester still

Herman 49:27
have 695 I mean, yeah, that’s the thing. Like,

Tim 49:31
I mean, I just I got put like 100,000 hours away and let it accrue interest. And then boom, college is done. Done. So another million over here. I mean, it will be fine.

Travis 49:40
I can’t see that. It will be so fun. I can’t say that. Like I applaud you for having a scheme to be able to see that in the near term. It’s gonna take a lottery for me to be able to outsource such activities. But you can’t do it all at once like once a while the cleaning like okay, I mean we I like that now,

Tim 49:57
like a cleaner comes like once a month like that. Have I gotten calm every day or two days? Yeah, me in the house.

Travis 50:04
I just took the shit come flesh

Herman 50:07
you’re gonna have to move underneath me there’s got to pick me up coming in

Travis 50:11
there with a breeze and

Tim 50:12
every two minutes yes because I’m in there for 30

Herman 50:16
What is it like the second highest? I think it’s the second highest that it’s been like Powerball generally oh it was a billion last time I know this is 700 so hopefully nobody wants tonight because I didn’t play earlier because we were going to record tomorrow instead of tonight so there goes my chances

Travis 50:31
Yeah, blame it on us.

Tim 50:33
Last night been this way now we owe him seven

Herman 50:38
on Saturday, but this was gonna be the time

Tim 50:41
so we should though like put our money together and like put in a few dollars everybody put into knowledge and go buy some tickets.

Travis 50:47
I don’t who’s buying

Tim 50:49
me what’s the new champions shoes

Herman 50:57
man I want to pay less bro bottom out so

Travis 51:01
I got this fresh from the maiden Casey’s store

Tim 51:08
so we should definitely wish that we

Travis 51:12
can say what yeah, I’m telling you I would probably I’m gonna disappear right but I long I wouldn’t forget about y’all. I would we be getting off break you off a piece. P

Tim 51:25
I’ll tell you where I was random Venmo sitting

Travis 51:28
with the Illuminati writing calm thought about it. So I’ve got I would have like an awards banquet. Or a high top flight. I have like top flight security. No, I love this already top flight but it’d be like an awards banquet man so anybody who gets invited you know you’re getting

Tim 51:45
like this is like going to the Oprah show yeah, a black tie

Travis 51:49
affair, but like everything has like a stipulation on it like it’s not I’m just giving you a million dollars because I got 700 Like I’ll give you

Tim 51:57
gotta get them back I just given this shit away. I’m giving GM million

Travis 52:00
for it. But there’s a caveat and then also with only

Tim 52:05
my caveat but I gotta do I gotta do some strange with this change

Travis 52:15
I don’t know yet because I will

whatever it takes just one time okay

Tim 52:30
Don’t tell me when

Herman 52:35
Oh, man, this episode took a different direction.

Travis 52:38
I don’t I don’t know exactly what it’d be but I do know I would put everybody’s kids through college easy. That’s what it is definitely do that. But Nah, man, I think it would be fun then I would like rank him like where you fall in is like where you are in my life. Right? So you know if I got family members that doesn’t necessarily mean your

Tim 52:56
tax bracket. Payment brackets,

Travis 52:59
you should be rewarded for how blue oil and how

Tim 53:02
blessed we have villager life. This

Herman 53:04
is the this is

Travis 53:06
what you have deposited into my life. You should get some tenfold Nozman for it. So you know if you’re if you get called to the stage early

Herman 53:16
to T bone where seabone come collect your $4,000

Travis 53:23
Stage early, you get the lesson. This is one where you do not want to be dragged. Oh man,

Tim 53:33
we should do that. Anyway,

Herman 53:34
this is what I would do. Yeah, Matt like

Travis 53:36
why would not like this? I mean, I like you all have been your great friends. Right? And we have a great friendship. Right? We have other friends who are great and but maybe don’t call me every day or every week. You know, maybe I see them once a year. You’re not like why should they get the same money as you just because we’ve been friends for the same amount of time. You should get privileges for investing in me so

Herman 54:03
I agree. We all know wait. Before

Travis 54:09
I’ve known you since he was nine I got the longevity award I would want to buy our he was wet behind the ears. There’s a young young buck.

Tim 54:22
We we are we presenting we come into the stage and presented our case.

Herman 54:27
Well, you see, it’s

Travis 54:31
awesome. First of all, nobody would beat your presentation. You wouldn’t have drones over venturi

Herman 54:37
probably just right. I’d have highlights a motional card actors

Tim 54:42
when I call that audible and Randy aside

Travis 54:47
No, I’m just joking kinda. But I think that uh, yeah, man. What did you do here?

Herman 54:52
What were you saying? So I was gonna say to make the best use of that amount of money. Number one it would be buying a community for us all the friends all their families, whether it’s homes, cul de sac,

Tim 55:02
whatever it is, and it be in the city, though, it can be wherever we would not move into the south.

Herman 55:06
It’s not about moving. This would be like, we’re all getting together, because we’re always like, Hey, let’s go meet up somewhere, we would have talked about buying land homes. Yeah. Right, like, so everybody goes out there have a good time. Definitely setting up a trust. That’s right. And there could be $50 million in there wouldn’t miss it. And everybody’s family and all their kids and their grandkids would be taken care of for forever. And that would be a great day in my mind, money. Friends, family, taking care of hopefully, that goes down, hopefully leads to good outcomes. And I could buy multiple houses and cities, boats, chefs you

Tim 55:43
would never go to, because you would still clock in the next day and not take a vacation. I know. Right? That’s

Travis 55:49
that’s the that’s the thing that I would buy as a private jet.

Herman 55:53
I wouldn’t think you need to. Well,

Travis 55:56
I’m not going to be the delta Scott.

Tim 55:57
I’m not going to not buy a private I’m just saying like, you could charter that. G five. Yeah. I mean, you don’t have to buy your own one. You could just charge at each each individual trip. $1,000 A trip? It’s nothing. I mean, we just have to do the math million. I obviously will be your business manager. Absolutely. And help you make these decisions.

Herman 56:14
Oh, and I’m buying a bunch of companies. I’m firing everyone. Oh, I’m gonna do the triple A companies. People that may or may not have

Travis 56:23
actually. Bro. Revenge. Talking about record wanted to be?

Tim 56:31
Oh, yeah, that’s what it was. Yeah. Oh, man. Yeah,

Travis 56:36
I would there’s a cup startup business No, and hire all my friends. But we would not do any we wouldn’t do any work. Or you didn’t come to my mansion. Just collect a check. We do whatever the hell I want to do that day. If we want to sit there and watch sports and critique it than we do that day. If I want to have seven people and play Monopoly, we could do that with real money. Have a 12 man domino tournament. Right? That’s what we do. But you would be employed so you wouldn’t feel like you’re missing out. Like you can still feed your family and when you tell your wives whatever, like you gotta go to work. Like you can tell them whatever you want to do. But you at the house. You haven’t a 12 man domino turn. That’s no different than how what I can afford y’all for a few years with seven.

Herman 57:25
Robinson big Rob Dyrdek. Basically he created his own Fun Factory the Fun Factory. That was his job. Okay, see me I would do something like that to your point. But then when it comes to hiring and firing people, it would be one person and I would chase them every job and fire them from

Tim 57:42
for the rest of time you’re not going to work again in this town.

Herman 57:45
Any town any city made with

Tim 57:51
your mother his reference on every interview

Travis 57:54
as boss and other news on Bloomberg mogul hurtin Watson acquires another company

Herman 58:01
in fires Payless. ShoeSource steps down. Oh, man,

Travis 58:06
that’s a massive downsizing. It’s

Tim 58:07
one person. That’s funny.

Herman 58:09
Boy, this really moved from the one topic that I really wanted to discuss. So I guess I’m gonna have to say that for a different episode.

Travis 58:16
Yeah, we’ve had far too much fun. Don’t bring us down. What’s up with you went over

Herman 58:20
to the mortgage lending homeownership.

Tim 58:24
I didn’t even know that. Oh, don’t say. We’ve talked about we can talk about it. But I’m kidding. I’m lying through my mouth. That sounds horribly

Travis 58:32
boring. Bring us down right now.

Tim 58:34
That is for black people. Yeah. Oh, well, in that case. Oh, well, you already see it in there. Oh, it’s in bold. It’s in bold and italic. Yeah. He really nice in there.

Herman 58:45
I like it. That is a huge topic.

Travis 58:48
It’s a topic on its own. We get a mortgage lender to come on and talk about it. No, I know one. Oh, yeah.

Herman 58:55
I mean, we could.

Tim 58:56
That’s a great opportunity to employ a homie. Yeah. Another cool. Okay. That’d be fun. I mean, if we ever guessed, it’d be fun.

Travis 59:07
I mean, fun either way. But this has been fun talking

Herman 59:09
about mortgage lending. No, no, no, it’s not about the lending. It’s about so we will preface it with this teed up. Bank of America and I’ve collateral TD Bank, Chase Bank are trying to help minorities who have typically been disenfranchised. They have not been given equity or equal amount of loans when it comes to people of color buying homes. So their solution is to create a program for minorities so like if you live in an area that’s 50%. Minority you have access to a no downpayment, no closing costs, no mortgage insurance and no minimum credit score, ability to purchase a home and as good as that sounds. You know what this sounds like bro. And that is exactly what we want people to live into on the next episode. Hold up a

Tim 1:00:06
I mean it sounds like the other night okay, well that is on another episode. I hope you enjoyed this one.

Travis 1:00:14
Yes ma’am fun. It was.

Herman 1:00:17
Thanks for your Listen, don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast just start with don’t forget to subscribe. Right? Ready? Are you ready for me to go? Go now don’t forget don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast on Apple podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or whatever random app or website you’re listening on. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram, underscore black in the middle



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